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Jan 14, 2013

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allergy worse when rains???

It's true that allergy gets worsen, when it rains. As water makes your body wet and in the rainy seasons all the things are going wet with humidity and so you can suffer from some sort of virus infection. As long humid condition makes everything wet and it's a best time for fungus to grow at a rapid pace. Which is also a reason for severe allergies. They can be from anything, like green leafy vegetables, or impure water, dirty water, rotten fruits, etc. So it's very important to have precautions more in the rainy season then in other days from Allergic Reactions. - AOK Emergency Room  (Jun 27, 2013 | post #22)


Atheism and depression

"I've heard from Ray Comfort and other public figures that atheism and depression go hand-in-hand, as if true happiness requires belief in Yahweh." Really is this true! then give some more details about that here. Asthma and breathing issues -AOK Emergency Room  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #183)


Aspirin cuts melanoma risk, study finds

Aspirin helpful in many condition but on the other hand it is necessary for the person to know when one should take aspirin as it may be a problem for the diabetic or asthma patient and may cause bleeding ulcer in stomach if taken regularly.  (Mar 13, 2013 | post #3)

Houston, TX

Where to Go For a Proper Medical Treatment?

There is always the risk of becoming ill or getting injured in some way. If something happens to you or someone you love the most then, would you know where to go for proper medical treatment? I have an option for that, the "AOK Emergency Room". It offers a 24 hour emergency care and wellness services to its patients. This is the urgent care clinic in Houston and is staffed, 24 hours a day with board certified physicians, registered nurses, radiology technicians and allied professionals who are all committed to patient-centered care. So how many of you can remember it? in a condition when you need it most!!!  (Jan 22, 2013 | post #1)