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Dec 8, 2011

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La Conner, WA

Jet Noise

Jenn, us and many other home owners are fed up with the noise from the navy jets too. The noise from these jets is damaging to our hearing and a day to day annoyance that's getting rediculus. These loud, inifecent and overpriced jets flying around overhead are a waste of recources and represent a prehistoric outdated military spending money and using our recources at a suicidal rate. "The sound of freedom" I don't think so, it's the sound of a bloated military budget. Times are changing, keep records and research who to file complaints with. Not long ago a couple sued a military for close to 10 million in damages and won, we don't have to just sit here and take it like so many local navy people like to make you think. As for us, we are leaving this noise polluted island for good and walking away from our house just to get away from the noise. It's a real downer having to hold your conversation to someone 3 feet away from you over and over every day the weathers decent.  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #9)