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Jul 21, 2009

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Roswell, NM

Kirk Sims

what's going on with that wacked out story?  (Jan 30, 2015 | post #1)

Aspen, CO

Claudine Longet

Here's an off-topic discussion.... Ok, we all know that Claudine was a singer, did a few movies and some guest spots on sitcoms back in the 60's and 70's. She still resides in Aspen, but is she ever seen in town at any point. There are literally zero current photos of her. Does anyone on here or has anyone on here ever seen her in town within the past ten years or so?  (Aug 1, 2014 | post #1)


Gay Friendly States

What states does everyone in here consider more gay friendly than others...??? For example, I am from Needles, CA, and CA is generally a gay friendly state; however, I lived for two years in Alabama and it is not gay friendly, even in the larger cities. I also lived for years in New Mexico, and NM is one of the most gay friendly states that I have ever seen, especially communities such as: T or C, Silver City, Taos, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces.  (Jul 1, 2013 | post #1)

Tonopah, NV

Moving to Tonopah

I am considering relocating to Tonopah. Please tell me about work opportunities in the small town. I have been there several times in the past, and have actually spent about 6 weeks there. I am in the hospitality industry (waiter-bartender, etc) and would be seeking employment.  (Oct 10, 2012 | post #1)

Elizabethtown, KY

Norma Lee

Does anyone know Norma Lee in Etown...??? She made a cd and she sings. What did anyone think of her cd?  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #1)

Montgomery, AL

Moving To Montgomery

can't you read sister I couldn't have said it any more clear.  (Jul 11, 2012 | post #5)

Oneida, NY

Does anyone know the chumps Richard and Wendi and what th...

I am really glad to hear that about Richard. I had always hope that the day would come when he would grow up.  (Jul 11, 2012 | post #34)

Wichita, KS

I am back bitchhhhhes

ironic, was just reading up on him  (Jul 8, 2012 | post #3)

Rawlins, WY

Gay Bar

Would a gay bar work in Rawlins?  (Jul 7, 2012 | post #1)

Rawlins, WY

Lost Kitty - Please Help!

also not to be crass, and hindsight is 20/20, but you should have had that cat in a carrier and if you did, how in the world did it get out of the vehicle?  (Jul 7, 2012 | post #7)

Rawlins, WY

Lost Kitty - Please Help!

Did you ever find your cat?  (Jul 7, 2012 | post #6)

Rawlins, WY

please help me

your first mistake is being located in Rawlins.  (Jul 7, 2012 | post #2)

Montgomery, AL

Moving To Montgomery

C'mon, there isn't anyone here who can offer their opinions about employmet in Montgomery.  (Jul 7, 2012 | post #2)

Oneida, NY

Does anyone know the chumps Richard and Wendi and what th...

you guys have to hope that they both change. I'm sure some of these statements are being said out of anger. He does have some emotional issues. Really there is some hope for Wendy. I was under the impression that they were not even together any longer.  (Jul 4, 2012 | post #32)

Montgomery, AL

Moving To Montgomery

Can someone here give some some true advice. Tell me the good and bad. First of all, I am a 45 year-old gay white male moving to Montgomery. Where I am, well things have kind of gone south and it's going to be time to leave. I have an old friend from college who is African American and has more than invited me to live there. I work and I need to work. I am in the hospitality industry. Are jobs in hotels and/or restaurants relatively easy to come by in Montgomery? Or is it near impossible. I see that the city has more than 50% African American population. Well I am from out west where racism is nearly non-existent. Will I experience difficulties looking for employment not being black, but Italian, I have lived in Alabama before, but that was Tuscaloosa, and as we all know college towns are not a good place to judge things by.  (Jul 4, 2012 | post #1)

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Magdalena, New Mexico