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Nov 24, 2011

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Home Decorating

Best type of Flooring

Laminated Wooden flooring is one of my favorite choice.  (Sep 20, 2012 | post #7)

Home Decorating

Kitchen Countertops?

For kitchen, I personally prefer dark granites and modular kitchen. Granite saves lot of cleaning time I mast say ..  (Sep 20, 2012 | post #6)

Home Decorating

papering v flooring

If painting part had already done, you can go for paper wall.. I don't thinks so flooring work that much cause you problem while paper the wall  (Aug 22, 2012 | post #4)

Home Decorating

Help! I need farmhouse decorating ideas!

Living in antique home is like having fun .. Dark wood make room more darker, so better you try to paint it with bright colors, also design more bigger windows and let it allow more sunlight pass through, do some minor farm decoration changes..  (Aug 22, 2012 | post #55)

Home Decorating

home decor

Perfect color combination on wall, lighting and home accessories changes homes' look  (Jul 11, 2012 | post #4)