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Apr 28, 2007

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Granger, IN

Parents Worried About Granger Development

Wow, Mary Frank Elementary Parents are worried about traffic? should we now shutdown Adams road and SR 23? Why are the parents of Mary Frank Elementary School always worried about what is going to go up on that corner? They were worried when a Taco Bell wanted to build their. Hey Mary Frank Elementary Parents, tell your kids to stay out of the road. Horizon Elementry Kids are by the toll road, their are not many problems there. Get a Grip and Get a life.  (Apr 28, 2007 | post #1)

Tony Stewart

Tony tones it down

Wow guys, what’s the deal? I did not see what happened with Tony Stewart, but for an organization that has military people, star spangle banner, presentation of colors, and invocations at each event, to fine someone for making statements? Wow who are they? What happened to all the American rights for freedom of speech? So he was asking about the yellow flag that was thrown. I have seen the same thing at a bush race in Michigan, 4 times the yellow flag was thrown for junk on the track, Yea right, It was easy to tell it was thrown to bunch the field back up to make the race more interesting, I was there, their was no junk on the track(Michigan). If NASCAR should prove that Tony's statement is wrong. As far as punishing him for what he said, what about the owner that critized Tony for what he said. I do believe that what happened to Tony, and what Tony’s owner does is none of his business, I thank NASCAR should now fine the owner for critizing a 2 time championing of NASCAR. I am not a big fan of Tony, In fact I am having a tough time this year. It just dosen't seem right any more. I might just have to switch to F1 or something, Someplace where everyone knows it is rigged and they even admit to it. Hey Pro Wrestling  (Apr 28, 2007 | post #122)