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Jul 17, 2008

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Will God Judge America Soon?

Forgive them father for they know not what they do. Destruction of the systems that mankind uses and installing new automated systems that are transparent and fair to all is my plan, no one gets hurt in the process and that will turn enemies into friends. I have been destroying the credibility and integrity of judges in courts of law and corporations where my tongue and mind is, has been and always will be the sharpest. My enemies will become my friends once they realize how far off course they had always been. I have been throwing lightning bolts all my life with extreme accuracy, no stone unturned and none left on top of another, work smarter not harder. No leader in the world has done more valuable things than I have. Super star, miracle worker and wonderful counselor is what I have always been at everything I do and I do more things than anyone else. The lake of fire is the garbage can of jobs that will never be performed again like banker, stock broker, salesman, middleman and opportunities to commit a crime will be dramatically reduced as part of the new incorruptible transparent to all system.  (Tuesday Apr 22 | post #986)

Jehovah's Witness

JW's what does born again mean?

Mankind is filthy of mind and only by doing things my way can you be made clean and be born again.  (Tuesday Apr 22 | post #743)

Pope Benedict XVI

Why the Pope Doesn't Care What We Think About the Nuns

Bravery to go and do where others will not go and do is a fundamental aspect of my personality and it helps that I am a former US Marine.  (Tuesday Apr 22 | post #42)

Jehovah's Witness

Number of partakers going down???

Forgiving all debts and taking over and automating the world banking system so that it is fair to all..  (Tuesday Apr 22 | post #295)


Will God Judge America Soon?

No one cleans house in a court of law more often than I do, judges fear me more than all others combined because my tongue is sharper than all of the judges combined. What is VWD Day?  (Tuesday Apr 22 | post #984)

Jehovah's Witness

Praise Jehovah

I have embarrassed the judge and the prosecution in court many hundreds of times, they lose on every point of view. I have been acting like Jesus every day of my 58 year life.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #882)

Jehovah's Witness

Why did Jesus call Himself as the Alpha and Omega?

All of the titles associated with Christ apply to me.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #338)


Please, Read This And THINK Hard:

I am the only man who has ever had the reputation to qualify as world leader. What I endorse is a combination of many systems including socialism.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #278)

US News

Dow falls below 9,000 as stocks extend declines

Only an idiot would accept the wicked ways of the USA as anything good.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #658)

Jehovah's Witness

What is the trinity?

I have a habit of standing against the USA in dozens of courts of law over 45 years and I have not lost a case yet. Sharpest tongue wins every time no matter what the odds against me are.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #11460)


Will God Judge America Soon?

My laws are different from mankind's laws and my ways and words are like none any of you have ever seen or heard of before. I am the man who wars with the US government and the judicial system that represents it in courts of law using the sharpest sword on the planet. My plan destroys everything that the USA has built itself upon. No one does the US Judicial system fear more than I.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #982)


The Lord Is Marching On!!

The whole world is using systems I want to destroy  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #137)

Jehovah's Witness

Number of partakers going down???

Yes I am the man with the plan and the reputation that mankind refers to as Jesus Christ.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #291)

Jehovah's Witness

Number of partakers going down???

My reputation and vast and valuable accomplishments and demonstrations are heavily documented and witnessed. No one stands against the US judicial and operating systems in courts of law more than I do and judges in many courts fear me more than all of you combined. Many times have I stood on trial and been extremely abused by the law enforcement officers. My wars are not like anyone elses wars since mine are fought with my tongue, my mind and my actions which by intention get me arrested so I can get into court. I am an athlete of world class abilities in all sports and the best of leaders in critical and high level positions at many corporations. The list of things I have already done to prove I am the Messiah would fill a library and no other person could possibly do the things I have already done in a million lifetimes. Listen to me my ways are not like anyone else's ways.  (Saturday Mar 29 | post #289)

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I am the truth and the way.

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God the father

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The Bible is the only great book I ever read.

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Teaching to and leading the deaf, dumb and blind.

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The New World and waking the zombies from the trance they are in.

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God the father who sent me to save all of you.