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May 1, 2014

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Watertown, NY

Salmon Run Mall Pet Zone

It's understood that this place is way over priced. That aside, I got my puppy there about 3 weeks ago and the night we brought him home he was up all night coughing. It sounded like he had Bronchitis. After consultation with the vet and coming to the conclusion it was kennel cough, 3 weeks later we will be paying another visit to the vet since his condition has continuously worsened. Salmon Run Mall Pet Zone is a joke. The fact vets have nothing but negative things to say about them speaks volumes. After more research on this store, it has come to light that they do not properly take care of their dogs and thats why so many of them get illnesses. This place has also been investigated by Fort Drum MPI (Military Police Investigations) among other agencies for running and owning puppy mills. I don't recommend this place, however, I do recommend getting these poor animals out of there and shutting the "Toxic" Pet Zone, down.  (May 1, 2014 | post #1)