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Jul 1, 2014

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is sinhala an indo aryan language??

Wankeran calls even Tamils as low caste people. In reality Wanko is a sakkiliya who claims to be a ''Pundo-European'' ''twice born'' Brahmin. His language betrays his low origin.  (Feb 9, 2015 | post #56)

Who is the most venomous & dangerous blogger in this forum?

Undoubtedly it is the Yapanaya poosari balla Wankeran.  (Jan 28, 2015 | post #1)

It was the vote of the Tamil Speaking popultion that elec...

@ Wanko balla, Eelame Tamils are not indigenous to Sri Lanka. Most of them came from Kerala (Chera Kingdom) & some from Toilet Nadu. Only the Sinhalese are native to Sri Lanka  (Jan 12, 2015 | post #14)

What just happened in Sri Lanka?

Let Wankeran go & scuk Sirisena's coca. Sirisena will be greatly pleased! Lol  (Jan 12, 2015 | post #4)

Brahmins & Vellahlas of Jaffna

Pallas, Parayas & Sakkiliyas promoted themselves as ''Brahmins'' & ''Vellahlas'' of Yaffna. This is called ''upward social mobility':  (Jan 6, 2015 | post #1)

Wankeran must be shot in the ar$e.

Wankeran must be extradited to SL & shot in the ar$e  (Jan 3, 2015 | post #1)

Singhala are Tamils, Tamils are not Tamils

This is exactly what KLCeylonese was saying. Self-proclaimed PUNDO-EUROPEAN Sakkiliya, if u r not Tamil, y do u shout ''Tamil, Tamil'' day-in & day-out?  (Dec 6, 2014 | post #2)

Is Siva Wankaran a Sakkliya or a Vellahla?

Wanko has lot of affection for Vellahlas. But people say he is a Sakkili converted brahmin. Is he a Sakkiliya or Vellahla converted brahmin?  (Dec 1, 2014 | post #1)

Where is Pure Aryan?

Pure Aryan has gone to fack in the a*se of PURE PUNDO-EUROPEAN WANKERAN BALLA. ROFL  (Nov 30, 2014 | post #3)

Govigamma(Vellalar) Sinhalese vs non Govigama( Non Vellal...

The fake brahmins of Jaffna were the underdogs of the Vellahlas & they used to suck Vellahla cocas. Wankeranis a copy-paste balla.  (Nov 29, 2014 | post #4)

Jaffna Tamils look down upon Indian Tamils

Jaffna Vellahla & Brahmin Dogs call Indian Tamils ''THOTTA KATTAN'' & ''LOW CASTE DOGS''. Indian Tamils should NEVER support Jaffna Demala Dogs.  (Nov 28, 2014 | post #1)

To Kalu Poosari Wankeran balla

U call Indian Tamil Brahmins as ''DOGS''. At the same time u claim eminent Indian Tamil Brahmins like Bharathiar, Kamal Hasan as your own. R u not ashamed? Can u show one Yaffna brahmin who has achieved something except perhaps toilet cleaning?  (Nov 27, 2014 | post #1)

Y Pundo-European Wankeran supports D ravid ian languages?

Self-proclaimed ''WHITE'' Pundo-European Wankeran with ''brown hair'' is supposed to support Pundo-European languages but he champions the cause of Dravidian Demala language. This proves that he is a kalu Dravidian wretch.  (Nov 20, 2014 | post #1)

Siva Sankaran dog's ''beautiful'' English

TYPO: 25 years  (Sep 22, 2014 | post #3)

Siva Sankaran dog's ''beautiful'' English

Siva dog has. been living in Arsetralia for 25 yes but he writes awful ungrammatical English with a lot of spelling. mistakes. He has only clay in his head.  (Sep 21, 2014 | post #1)