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Nov 25, 2012

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Seaside Heights, NJ

seaside heights residents-make a change now

ANYONE FROM SSH SEASIDE RESIDENTS LETS GET TOGETHER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE With a large group, we can invite the media. Start making the town the way it should be before many good people abandon the town due to the neglect of its laws and lack of respect for its people. Close the bars early Enforce the ordinances for noice and health The time is now Contact me LETS MARCH TO CITY HALL AND DEMAND A CHANGE AFTER THE NEW YEAR  (Dec 1, 2012 | post #1)

Seaside Heights, NJ

A Seaside Heights Resident That Wants To Be Heard

Agreed Things need to happen now. Tired of cries falling on deaf ears. I know hundreds of people that reside in Seaside Heights New Jersey and feel the same. By the time February/ March comes.... we will gather together for our voices to be heard. All sources of media will be called in and demand that this town quiet down and focus more on families return rather than the less wanted.  (Nov 26, 2012 | post #3)

Seaside Heights, NJ

A Seaside Heights Resident That Wants To Be Heard

Who here is tired of the way Seaside Heights is run? For 3 months out of the year the town is beseiged by teanie boppers and not such teeny boppers drunks and drug addicts roaming the streets of all hours. Bars have last call at 3:30 and empty out onto the streets at 4am where the real chaos begins. Urinating, getting sick, screaming and extremely loud talking on every corner. Don't expect to see police. At 4 on the button it's a race to the police station for all the cops. But if you do want to find a cop, they are congregated outside the bars in packs of 5-10 talking while the streets and all the homes between have drunk teenageers and 20 somethings barely able to walk getting into their cars and driving off. CHAOS a few years back the town found a solution. Extend closing time. HUH!!!! Yes, from 2, it was extended to 4am. But there was an explanation that came from the higher ups. Something along the lines of "They thought it was better to have the bar crowd leave and not mix with the boardwalk crowd". Around this time, the residents would go to the local POA meetings and protest that they wanted the bars to close earlier like neighboring town Seaside park which had a 2 pm last call and then revised it to 12 am. What does SSH do, they extend closing time. Now I dont mind having bars in town nor mind having fun but the SSH police force does absolutely "0" to curb the chaos in the streets. The town is simply gearded up to make money on alcohol and any consequences from here on are on the residents shoulders. The police do not manage this situation properly. They have the man power but a good percentage are temporary cops mostly just out of the force and well that speaks for itself. I have realized that the town has a powerful strategy which is very simple. Let the people complain, complain some more, and then keep complaining until eventually they got it, get tired of complaining and then go away. Frustrated residents can't take it anymore including myself. With an amazing history and one of the last redeveloped barrier island towns, this SSH could be an amazing all year vacation area. Unfortunately the higher ups in place appear to only be focused on the 3 month bull run during the summer. Families never stay in town because the hotels are beyond filthy. If by some stroke of luck you d et a decent, livable room, you have to deal with gangs of kids staying in that hotel that party to all hours and believe me, tese hotels are only kids because only kids would stay in these filthy living conditions and not think twice. (where is code enforcement and why aren'tthey shutdown for health concerns) That is a whole other issue. After Sandy, the town has announced a rebuilding of the boardwalk and the mayor said that he thought it would be a great tourist attraction ifthe roller coaster thatisparked in the ocean would stay put.....WHAT!!!!!! People, here you can see where the mentality of this town lies. Sure, the police can barely control the masses and now the town wants to leave an enormous steel structure in the ocean and some dumb kids one day will decide to swim in it an end up drowning not to mention itis probably caoted with lead paint etc.... Fortunately at this time, it has provided a spar for residents of SSH to wake up and get together and allow your voice to be heard. With eyes watching, we now can form a mass and make our voices heard. 1) Lets get the bars to close earlier 2) make the town enforce its ordinances 3) create a panel for its boardwalk redevelopment plan that includes new restaurants, eateries etc. 4) Create a planto bring family vacationers back If we lean it up now, SSH can gear up for a year round crowd instead of the 3 month bull run Seaside Heights Needs A Change How do you feel Lets organize a media backed protest for a change in front of city hall  (Nov 25, 2012 | post #1)