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Sep 11, 2008

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Lowell Sun

O.J. Simpson sentenced to at least 9 years in prison

note with dichead goldman being there it open grounds for appeals process...also having a jury without representatives of Ones race is Bias.Judge is a bias "w"hore. ..If Nevada refuses appeal there is ALSO US SUPREME courts so it isnt over...Judge Made a Bad error "Allowing " reference to be made concerning His)OJ;s)past court proceedings...Gold man is a hack a money grabber hoping to "cash' in on what he can get..Nicole's family has gone forward with there lives but Fred "Flinston' cant do it..Notice his was there with his daughter Not His Wife..something tells me his wife is sick and tired off his antics.all he seeks is money and is Pee'd off he cant touch OJ pension from NFL..OJ was found not guility..BUT one knows Civil courts are corrupt.Defense always is the loser )see tabacco companys...  (Dec 6, 2008 | post #13)

Lowell Sun

Dear Santa

make a list of jobs that Americans wont work?...u'll never ever find a american out working in Hot sun in a produce field.or working 10plus hrs a day mowing lawns.well only if they can be on a riding mower/all the Major lawncare firms hire these "Others" BECAUSE Americans wont work for that pay scale.Most Americans spoiled...Most Americans dont know what a days work really is.....  (Dec 5, 2008 | post #67)

Lowell Sun

Dear Santa

work in a Produce field out in Ariz or Calif..or those in Fla...I know Use to haul produce for a living and NEVER saw americans with same education doing that work in fields...there are alot of jobs Americans WONT or better yet will refuse to work in...Out Here In Minn,alot of firms laying off and those losing there jobs all hired on with FEMA..why not it pays $15an hr..But alot of americans wont work for that amount....most americans too damm greedy want TOP$$$$$$...go look who is filing Most un-eployment benefits..mostly those White color workers who wouldnt know serious work if it was handed too them..  (Dec 5, 2008 | post #66)

Lowell Sun

Thank You For Your Generosity

she does have a job,though You and I wouldnt accept it as such,I mean how many women ENJOY laying on there backs with legs wide open and actually think there working to earn a living to support there kids?I heard thru grapevine She stands each day outside the un-employment office,"check ing out her NEW Marks"..why should she work when She knows darn well a corrupt sys will support Her and her many kids...and We all can be happy that she did TEACH Her daughter a Trade!!!!..daughte r now has mastered that Art of laying with legs spread wide open,and knowing 9months later that GREAT STATE of MASS will give Her a Monthly 'Bonus".she says "see Mommy I Did Learn,I did listen to my teacher...  (Nov 24, 2008 | post #7)

Lowell Sun


people time to forget who is going to win..time to wonder how we all going too survive another Great Depression that a big thanks in part to 40% of elected members and 2/3rds rep...a few of these dem.have been quoted of its time wall street falls and we are in a depression.its Time to boot these morons out of office...there the ONEs that Control the outcome of this country..can see Headlines.." ""FOR SALE One FORMER world power Country" will sell to lowest bidder...thats what defeating that bill will mean..Dem control senate YET 40% of there buddies in the House screwed them and the country..makes one wonder just how much power a president has..I say I with drew all my cash from the bank...why? well going to need to and see how many more banks fail in coming weeks...those that defeated the bill are wanting to head out on the re-election campaingns they seek another turn in office I say FIND out who voted No and make sure they lose in there elections...40% dem elected to save the American those on low incomes.the disable.the war veterans.Yup elected to represent the people But in return sat there and screwed them to no end.what a great FKED up country we have.only a man we elect can sit there in throw us to the wolves..I say this yr NO american should pay a single dime to IRS.let those morons who put us in this upheavel pay the taxes for they have money and power..all Obama is,is a "P"monke y seeking a bigger porch to plunk his worthless butt on..instead of State dinners.He'll invite all to a pig roast on the front lawn..  (Sep 29, 2008 | post #29)

Lowell Sun

Chelmsford awaits results of air-quality tests at plant

ya i watched that bag of wind speak.mostly "words" flowing across lips that dont Tell whole story..since 1st day that plant open people in that trailer park **** ..  (Sep 27, 2008 | post #4)

Lowell Sun

obama and war??!

yes and no on ur thoughts.BUT OTHER countries have also been involved..Iraq represents unstability within the middle east.when we enterted Iraq u do notice Libiya did a about turn.they now are open to having a good re;lationshup with the US..before Iraq I dont think that was close to getting to that point.Iraq was a threat to Kuwait and Saudi A...and the Vast oil where next confrontation will errupt and who will be in it..RUSSIA sending war ships off coast of Somolia..thats a serious powder keg thats about to blow..Pirates have stolen a ship with arms and tanks and a chemical tanker..also US navy in same area....Iraq Did have SCUD missles which in laymen terms were seen as WMD..WMD against dont say no weapions were present..funny for 5yrs Sudams private train was Hidden..wonder what else is still hidden in country?...Us made a bad decision of giving Pakistan Nuclear capabilties/weapon s..why u think Obamas Uncle "bin laden' is still hiding out in knows where he is But cant cross those borders.and WHO Trained Bin Laden to excell in his style of warfare? NONE other than the USA-CIA...Obama scares me on his Foreign policy.even McCain isnt that stupid to say on a nat'l tv that "one" would bomb Pakistan..thats pure stupidity..Just because a Sen happen to be a member of same party in office doesnt make him a follower of that ADIM policy's..Bama is nothing More that Sen Majority Puppet(ted kennedy).when teddy said Obama reminded him of his late brother I had to laugh..Obama is no JFK..Obama to me is just looking for a bigger porch to plunk his lazy butt on..a typical "P"monke y  (Sep 27, 2008 | post #47)

Lowell Sun

Fear grips immigrants after Miss. plant raid

watch when Obama gets in office how many of his "friends " from kenya come into this country and get full benefits  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #126)

Lowell Sun

Fear grips immigrants after Miss. plant raid

also add in alot of us while we are seeking med ins ARE hit with this excuse." "Well U have a pre-condition " so we cant offer u ins..I am listed as 100%disable BUT.because according to State I draw TOO MUCH in SSI..well I paid into SS for 35plus yrs and AT a higher rate then alot of people(was self-employed) and now am told because I EARNED TOO MUCH I cant have medical ins..I can get it if I agree too a plan with a whopping $25,ooo deductable and monthly payments of $450..I only draw 1249.00 a its either med ins or a roof over my head so much for the great american dreams  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #125)

Lowell Sun

obama and war??!

I think Obama biggest ERROR is sitting down with other leaders we are not in complience with like IRAN..good send him to Iran maybe they'll keep him there..with No Militarty exp I wouldnt want a man that lacks this to protect Me in USA..I think McCain did come out on top in debate on alot of issues..I notice Bam-Bam stuttering quite a he didnt KNOW how to appraoch his answers..Hate seeing his stuttering effect a attack on the USA...  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #5)

Lowell Sun

Plenty of blame

and obama sat there like a ty[pical "P"monke y...he only went so he could finally see inside the big house.He is a Puppet.Kennedy pulls his strings when u ever going to see and understand that..I was raised that to combat a issue one does best if done in person.talking over a phone is a poor excuse.shows ur afraid of being confronted and admitting a wrong..But "P'monkey man(Obama) did Least McCain put aside things to be what He is a elected Senator...while obama didnt know what to do..he came to white house for a free dinner...  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #17)

Lowell Sun

Sleazy Obama Rejects McCain Offer

read the bill again in it does Bush state giving CEO's a free pass.Bill spells out No funds for those CEO's..when a demo presidential canidate feels a debate is More important than being the elected person he is a US SENATOR.then this country is in picking a running mate that in months before "knocked " this same man.Kennedy needs a Yes sir Boss man in washington thus He is pushing for these black porchmonkey..Obama ;s idea of a State dinner will be a pig roast out on front lawn..Havent seen Obama speak out about the families the US govt has forgotten all about after katrina.all he is doing is making sure he gets to sit on a bigger porch..Obama the peoples choice for #1 Porchmonkey of the for Canada Health plan.yes I agree with it AT least Canada does CARE about its for Quebec well thats another country within a a good place Obama the monkey can visit  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #78)

Lowell Sun

Save Welfare!

state all ready knows who the Dad's are.there in a state sys right now.earning 50cents a hr making lic plates..I;ll bet not one of her kids dad has ever stayed in her home more than the time it took her to open and close her big fat thigh legs.and her daughter has made Her daddy proud.he is seeing she is acting just like her Mom)as one dad said why go to see grand Canyon when all I need do is stop by this home and see it in person  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #344)

Wasilla, AK

The Twelve Lies Of Sarah Palin

ya but it is a democratic Congress that Keeps giving Govt the funds to keep the wars going...wait till bama gets in office and watch ur taxes go sky his health care bill Powerfull as Kennedy has been even he can not get any health care a article in here and I tend to agree..soon this country will be known as a 3rd world country...I see Russia coming back as the power Leader then China...and once Russia gets firmly planted down in Venezuela,USA will see the oil stop flowing into USA...slowly world power is shifting away from the USA...USA is BROKE...  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #125)


State introduces new anti-smoking campaign

funny isnt it the foods our Parents and grandparents ate never harmed them.I know My family all lived well into there late 80's..But now everything we eat is bad for u.give me back the foods I was raised on..if I want to smoke I shall..govt program or not I cant be forced to quit..where I use to rent u couldnt smoke so I bought a house and now smoke freely..screw those anti smokers...  (Sep 26, 2008 | post #59)

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