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Jul 7, 2009

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Columbus Dispatch

State finds a way to punish smoking in bars | The Columbu...

I think the state should revise the law to be that it is up to the individual bar owner if they would like to allow smoking. If they want to allow it they must apply for a smoking license just like a liquor license and must post on the outside of the building if they allow smoking. The state makes money, patrons can easily tell what they are walking into before choosing where to go, and the state would have less establishments to monitor whether they were breaking the law as they could focus on those without a license.  (Jul 15, 2011 | post #48)

Columbus Dispatch

Blue Jackets: Search for goaltender coach gets narrower |...

I do find it surprising that they will not grant either guy an interview. It must be that they just want to seperate the current team from the losing history of the past in their attempt to bring the club to a winning future. I doubt I would worry about Denis for the job but think that Tugnutt has the knowledge and talent to succeed in the postion. I always liked Raffi playing for the Jackets and did not like the move at the time of the deal and definitely haven't liked it since he has played so well for Vancouver. I do not miss Manny but he brought much more to the table than what Chris Clark, Ethan Moreau, and Sami Pahlssen have. All 3 of those guys were way overpaid and if Manny would have accepted the same deal to play for the CBJ that he did with Vancouver we wouldn't have had to worry about the other 3.  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #6)

Columbus Dispatch

General Manager named for Columbus casino | The Columbus ...

What postion do you think is above the General Manager. Casinos are just like restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. On the property level a GM is the head employee who is responsible for all that goes on in the establishment. You are really clueless.  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #44)

Columbus Dispatch

General Manager named for Columbus casino | The Columbus ...

How many Ohioans do you think have experience as a General Manager of a casino?? You realize we have never had any in our state before don't you????  (Jun 1, 2011 | post #6)

Columbus Dispatch

Chase gets an earful | The Columbus Dispatch

The really story from yesterday's actions by these protesters that of course was not covered was the cost of the special duty police officers and security for the event. I was astonished to see all of the police cars and the Command Center RV that were parked in the lot behind the Red Robin and Sonic near the Rave Cinema. Who pays for this besides the taxpayers?? Did Chase foot this bill?? did the protesting organizations?? I doubt it. There were easily over 60 cars parked in that lot and driving around in the area to patrol.  (May 18, 2011 | post #72)

Columbus Dispatch

Women sue central Ohio fitness club over access | The Col...

Seems like a lot of Urban Active employees have been posting on here. How can anyone approve of their actions of being dishonest in their sales pitch? Regardless of the ADA issues and whether she received her money back or not, THEY BLATANTLY LIED! Come on folks, I am sure if the deception had happened to you, you would be making a big stink about it.  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #30)

Columbus Dispatch

Soccer: Former Crew players start new academy | The Colum...

Crew Jrs definitely wants to be the number 1 soccer group in Central Ohio, but I think that Ohio Premier and Team Ohio FC give them a good run as the top clubs. Crew Jrs needs to start putting better teams on the field before they can make any dominant claims. They may have more teams but fielding C level teams and parent coach teams don't really count.  (Apr 15, 2011 | post #3)

Columbus Dispatch

Movie Review | Rango: How the West was fun | The Columbus...

Saw this movie with my wife, 15 year old daughter and 12 year old daughter the other night as a free preview. I would give it 1 star out of 4. Was not a good story and the humor wasn't all that funny. One problem I had was the attempt of humor by having a child character play with a gun and put it in their own mouth and point it at their own head. I do not have an issue with gun play normally but in a kids movie I find it irresponsible. I also feel many families will have an issue with the added language. There isn't much but it wasn't needed.  (Mar 4, 2011 | post #1)


Blue Jackets fall again | BlueJacketsXtra

Reality: They played like doodoo last night. Are they going to make the playoffs? Most likely not. Can they finish out the season by playing hard and keeping the games exciting? Heck Yes. Do I want them to worry about draft position? Heck No. They haven't drafted all that well when they have low picks anyways, why would we think this year would be different. Now Let's go kick some Flames BUTT!!!!  (Mar 4, 2011 | post #15)

Columbus Dispatch

Blockbuster to close 8 stores here by April | The Columbu...

I for one do not wish for Blockbusters demise. I am a Blockbuster by Mail subscriber. I pay $19 a month for up to 3 movies at a time. If I want a quick movie or older movie I can stop in at a store and exchange a mailed movie for a free instore rental. If I want to download movies I can do that as well. Netflix may be a little cheaper but you do not have the option of getting a movie the same day unless you download it. And the downloaded movies I have seen have not been the greatest video and sound quality as what you would receive with an actual DVD.  (Feb 25, 2011 | post #23)


Kasich cuts office payroll by $300,000

All political party crap aside. I find it interesting that a man that ran on the economy and creating jobs has eliminated 8 jobs in his new staff. If he feels the work can be done with less people and he can save the state money I am all for it. Just seems a little hypocritical that he is eliminating and not adding. I don't think his average salary is going down though just the raw number.  (Jan 13, 2011 | post #71)

Columbus Dispatch

Blue Jackets notebook: Incident with ref reviewed | The C...

I don't know if I would have wanted Wisniewski, do we really need another defenseman who is -18??? Thank you to Montreal for trading for him and keeping him off our team.  (Dec 29, 2010 | post #2)

Columbus Dispatch

Bob Hunter commentary: Culture of losing? Don't blame it ...

Fred, I have no idea why you even read the articles on the BlueJackets. If you hate them so much why waste your time (and ours) by responding with your stupid drivel? How about you choose to support your local team by attending their games and watching them on TV or decide you have no faith in them and quit watching, attending, and reading about them. The world would be a better place.  (Dec 7, 2010 | post #2)

Columbus Dispatch

Railway museum slipping off the tracks | The Columbus Dis...

I live in Worthington, have driven under the tressel that says Ohio Railway Museum, but never actually thought it was open. Have always thought the place was deserted. Maybe they could do some advertising and let people know what they have to offer there. The Depot on Olde Henderson Road offers meeting room space and has a small train festival, maybe the museum could get the word out better and offer similar amenities to get people to check it out.  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #16)

Columbus Dispatch

On Restaurants | Independents expand, defying downturn | ...

The address posted for Past Times is correct, but it is not North of Polaris Parkway. It is in the Worthington Center Strip with Kroger. Corner of Park and Worthington Galena. The location was once Gary's Place which closed down due to it stealing DirectTV.  (Aug 24, 2010 | post #11)