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Jun 11, 2007

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Mississippi State, MS

The Jeffrey Keith Havard Story

My Letter to the Site by Jeffrey Havard I am overly pleased that the debate of my case is continuing on this site, However, I am frustrated because it appears the majority of the discussions are not primarily focused on what this case is genuinely about, i.e., no intent in the death; what caused a 1 cm, bruise, which the State claims is evidence of sexual battery, the underlying felony; Trial errors; errors by the prosecutor; and errors by defense counsel. I know that my postings here are few and far between, By the time I receive postings from this site, they are several days old, And when I feel compelled to respond to any comments, it takes time to reply and reciprocate all of my thoughts and feelings into a comprehensive prose. Also, it takes additional time to send my letter to a supporter, so that person can re—type my letter and post it here. Some comments, I feel, do not warrant a response. But, rest assured, the ones I do reply to, will be done so candidly. If I ever offend anyone, please believe it is not my intent. Go the the following web site for complete descripton of the case. Jeffrey K. Havard http://www.mississ effrey_Havard.html  (Jun 11, 2007 | post #1)