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Dec 9, 2013

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Valliant, OK

Jury Convicts Valliant Man Of Killing Wife 11 Years Ago

Would you be a doll and ask Jerry these questions: 1,) Why did he cut a hole in the middle of the carpet in the room he and hope we're fighting in. You know, the one his daughter "heard mommy and daddy fighting then mommy got quiet" 2.) Why did Jerry take his kids "camping " on a school night in the middle of February. Not to mention these kids include a 10 month old. 3,) Why did he buy 2 body bags at Walmart that night he cut out the carpet 5 foot wide and 7 foot long? 4.) Not call the police after 5 days if his wife not showing up. If my wife disappeared for more than 12 hours you better believe I would have notified the police. Ask him this, after all he is 'innocent'  (Dec 16, 2013 | post #330)

Valliant, OK

Justice for Jerry FB Page

I have to say, you should go and "like" Justice For Jerry. It provides me with constant laughter. Here are some of the posts I found on their Facebook page that causes me and my coworkers to smile everyday: Janie Lynn Davis- Oney: "IT REALLY AMAZES ME THE PEOPLE THAT CONTINUE TO BASH TIFFANIE!!! I GUESS THEY DON'T REALIZE SHE DOES HAVE A LAWYER AND TAKES A PICTURE OF ALL THE THINGS THEY ARE SAYING, NOW EVEN ON FACEBOOK AND MOST OF WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ARE LIES (LIBEL) SHE SENDS IT STRAIGHT TO HER LAWYER!!!!!! BLESS THEIR HEARTS THEY WILL FIND OUT SOON!!!!!" ------------------ ------------------ Honestly Janie. Do you really believe that you are making any effort in posing this. What's a lawyer going to do, have us arrested for Freedom Of Speech infringements! ------------------ ------------------ Justice for Jerry: "This is Tiffanie, I'm okay with these people going back and bashing me on Topix. People that know me aren't saying these crazy things. I don't know where these CRAZIES get their information but they are so misinformed." ------------------ ------------------ Misinformed? Honey, you must be misinformed if you think that creating a FACEBOOK page will help out your boyfriend escape from a deserved felony... ------------------ ------------------ Catherine Carden Berryhill Waller: "I'd like to know how to get one of the JFJ shirts....I've always believed he was innocent....always like to show my support for him and his family.." ------------------ ------------------ These people really are making TShirts? I presume the next item will be Coffee Mugs. Maybe you should start a website like there is for the injustice Hope got. ------------------ ------------------ Tobie Fulton: "I don't know maybe it's just weighing heavy on the judges heart!!!" ------------------ ------------------ This was a comment to a post about a delay in the sentencing date. It's not up to the Judge to decide if he is guilty or not. A RANDOM group of people UNANIMOUSLY found Jerry guilty. ------------------ ------------------ Anyway, I'm sure this Topix Post will generate yet another hick, dumb ass remark from one of the J4J crew on Facebook. Anyway, here is the link to their wonderful Facebook Page, be sure to like it so you can too show your support for Jerry!! https://www.facebo ce-for-Jerry/  (Dec 9, 2013 | post #1)