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Sep 1, 2007

I will snort my father Profile

Q & A with I will snort my father


I will snort your mother too.


wwwwwwww, CT.


I travel alot. It varies.

Local Favorites:

the Boxcar, local hoods and skanks.

I Belong To:

My wife, the best woman I ever had.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm touring. Waking and sobering up all over the world. Who knows...

Read My Forum Posts Because:

It's amazing I lasted this long, heh-heh!

I'm Listening To:


Read This Book:

my upcoming book, if I don't snort it first.

Favorite Things:

Guitars, snow, Jack (Daniels)

On My Mind:

Open 'G' tuning; 5 string guitars (6 also); Don't tell anyone but U can play many Stones' classics on a banjo, heh-heh!

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Official Rolling Stone Website. When I sober up, I can tell you better.

I Believe In:

snow (*snort*) it's getting cold outside; Being real.