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Jul 14, 2010

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Blairsville, GA

Trump brings country to a new low.

And do you think Hillary would have been any better????????  (Mar 7, 2018 | post #2)

Blairsville, GA

Sushi Shack

Fish contain more worms than almost any creature we eat........... I like my fish cooked or broiled........ No Sushi for me  (Feb 24, 2018 | post #8)

Blairsville, GA


Boondocks will be closed up by the end of this month  (Feb 24, 2018 | post #9)

Blairsville, GA

These are my people part 2

My best memory was at age 14.......... My dad sent me to the farmers mutual exchange in Blairsville to get several tons of fertilizer. It was on a Saturday an I thought I was a big shit. I wanted to see my friends watch me circle the courthouse an me driving by myself. Harlan Duncan stepped out an I got the hell outta town. A week or 2 later, I ran into Harlan at the tasttee freeze. He told me, I saw you driving........ just be careful.......... I lived 12 miles out of town........... That was then an this is now. You can't do that nowadays  (Jan 27, 2018 | post #6)

Blairsville, GA

Dog banned from Tractor Supply

My dog was banned from Tractor Supply. This sexual harassment thing is getting out of hand. True that my hound is always sniffing around an has his nose stuck up some bitches backside. Hell, he will hump a leg ifn he has too. I expect a lawsuit anyday. I think all these womens libbers want all us horehounds castrated so they can gain control. The worlds goin to hell.  (Nov 29, 2017 | post #1)

Blairsville, GA

Thirsty on Sunday

Lucky me, I live just a few miles from the Grizzley Bear over in NC............ There you can buy it on Sunday.  (Aug 7, 2017 | post #11)

Blairsville, GA

Worst steak ever. What happened Horrible customer service

A family owned business like that are a rarity in todays world. All the Chambers worked as a unison to put out a good product. Now everything is a corporate world. There is a real disconnect between the employees an the owners......... I want the simpler good ol days  (Jul 22, 2017 | post #12)

Blairsville, GA


The Biker Barn is not gone.......... They are open, but the owners are wanting to retire  (Jun 24, 2017 | post #4)

Blairsville, GA

Still proud of your President?

The left coast.............. Only a couple of states gave her the millions of votes. Do you want this country to9 be governed by a couple of states? There are 50 states. Why should 10 of them tell the other forty what they can an cannot do. Our founding fathers were very smart  (May 16, 2017 | post #44)

Blairsville, GA

Muslim in Blairsville

I will treat the both of ya to a cold beer an a ham sandwich  (Apr 8, 2017 | post #5)

Blairsville, GA

Geoengineering is poisoning our well water

They are called chem trails........... Maybe yall need to listen to George Noory more often on Coast to Coast  (Apr 7, 2017 | post #18)

Blairsville, GA

Food City closing

I.m holdin out fo a Piggly Wiggly  (Apr 6, 2017 | post #3)

Blairsville, GA

UCHS Principal

I heard Mr Hill personally fired John Clark Pettit. the popular Ag teacher. I thought only the Superintendent or the school board had that authority  (Nov 25, 2016 | post #2)

Blairsville, GA

Cook Already Twisting Truth

Folks.......... Actually, Meeks park was started with the Cook Admistration. Of course, it has been expanded and improved under Paris. Insofar as eye sores, Blairsville will never become a Helen or even a downtown Blue Ridge. It just aint laid out right. There is no downtown so to speak. Most of the prime land is owned by the Baptist church and what business"s there is, is mostly family owned and they are just trying to make a living like the rest of us. I'm talking about the downtown, not the 515 strip............. ... What the downtown needs is a Hooters.  (Jun 11, 2016 | post #23)

Blairsville, GA

John F Kennedy

JFK put a man on the moon. Obama put a man in a womans bathroom. No wonder so many Southern Democrats have voted Republican in the last decade  (May 29, 2016 | post #1)