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Mar 4, 2014

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WNBA needs new commissioner

Stuart Scott is dead  (Mar 5, 2015 | post #4)


WNBA needs new commissioner

Diana Taurasi Can Rest Easy, but W.N.B.A. Can¬ít ttp://mobile.nytim sports/basketball/ diana-taurasi-can- rest-easy-but-wnba -cant.html  (Feb 26, 2015 | post #2)


WNBA needs new commissioner

I just read the following article from the New York Times about the current state of the WNBA and players deciding not to play in the league this season like Diana Taurasi. In the article the new commissioner states that the league will be okay with stars like Kara Lawson? I never heard of anybody going to a WNBA game to see Kara Lawson? I think they need a new commissioner and I think they should be part of the NBA again.  (Feb 26, 2015 | post #1)

NCAA Women's Basketball

UConn vs. Duke Monday night 9pm ESPN2

Can Coach P and Duke finally get the monkey off of their backs? Duke has been getting blown out by UConn ever since Coach P took over for Coach G, both home and away. Will that change this year. I doubt it. I have not seen much of UConn this year but have seen a bunch of Duke games. And although Duke again has a talented bunch like in the past, I still don't think they play smart enough yet to beat UConn. Notre Dame, especially when they had Skylar Diggins, and maybe Stanford are the only teams that seem able to beat UConn. UConn usually just destroys Duke and Carolina. We shall see.  (Dec 25, 2014 | post #1)


Google's 3Q earnings fall as expenses climb 30 pct

Blame it on the anti-american feminazi's from USA Today! They ran a cover page story this summer crying that Google was a "white man's club". These extreme feminists will destroy our economy and country yet. They have already taken over and ruined most of the education system. Remember Anita Hill! Now that clown who chaired that committee "Joe Biden" is vice president. God Help Us.  (Oct 16, 2014 | post #1)

WNBA Women's Basketball

Tamika Catchings shares career intentions and community o...

Good Luck, Tamika.  (Oct 16, 2014 | post #1)

WNBA Women's Basketball

Best and Worst Draft Picks in WNBA history

Do Not support Swish Appeal or SB Nation, the owner! The gave me a hard time over too many "Good Luck" comments?!?!?!?! I think they are way too political and gay. Just the thing that I have seen ruining Women's sports in this country especially the WNBA.  (Oct 16, 2014 | post #1)


Morning Jolt: French professor wins Nobel Prize for econo...

He does not seem to tackle the biggest racket in the USA, medicine. Precisely, prescription drugs and research. 60 minutes recently did: October 2014 60 Minutes story on the high price of cancer drugs. http://www.cbsnews .com/news/the-cost -of-cancer-drugs/ ASCO responds "commends 60 Minutes" http://www.asco.or g/advocacy/asco-st atement-60-minutes -story-cancer-drug -costs BIOSPACE responds "a misleading segment" http://www.biospac spx?StoryID=349056 So you see some of the battle lines in this war against "Amerithrax ", which is what I have labeled the post-anthrax attacks USA Health Care system. The interesting point also that 60 minutes did not make is that Novartis, one of the companies accused of driving up prices taking advantage of USA laws to do so, is not even a USA company but Swiss. Senator Jon McCann did try to take on the pharmaceutical industry here by trying to pass a law that would legally allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from Canada where they are much cheaper. But that bill never got far. http://online.wsj. com/articles/SB126 093494955393151 So in summary we have a medicine system that allows our drug companies to charge us the most for their products than any where else and the same holds true for foreign companies, like Novartis. They also have a nice racket going in the so-called many Research Universities in this country. Where researchers are given government grants to conduct research, then if they discover something of value they often take the product public and get more financing there. So why did our Nobel Prize winner tackle cable companies not "Amerithrax ". Probably just afraid too. According to IMS the global pharmaceutical industry can reach to US$1.1 trillion by 2014. http://en.wikipedi eutical_industry While Spending on illegal drugs this year is less than half at about US$4 billion. http://www.worldom  (Oct 16, 2014 | post #1)

Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis shows strong, unique leadership for the Cath...

No he did not. He did the opposite and gave in to evil. Most likely about money. It usually is. Meanwhile here in the declining moral USA, a gay white lesbian couple sues the sperm bank because they gave them black sperm and now have a black baby. O'Well. I say they should get rid of this Pope, if he continues to give in to that type of evil. Good Luck.  (Oct 14, 2014 | post #1)

WNBA Women's Basketball

Team USA Best Ever and Getting Better.

Since I have been following women's basketball since about 1995 I think this is the best team and crop of players we have ever had. With the best coach too. Just watched them blow out France in the first half of the quarter finals and the team is missing four great players in: Sylvia Fowles Elena Delle Donne Candace Parker Skylar Diggins PS. Do not use Swish Appeal to post comments about Women's Basketball! They gave me a hard time over "Good Luck"?!?!? They are obviously a very politically connected and bias operation. Good Luck!  (Oct 3, 2014 | post #1)

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How should Adam Silver punish Donald Sterling?

He should buy him and all of the NBA owners a subscription to African American Golfer's Digest... http://www.valuema scount-african_ame rican_golfers_dige ml  (Apr 29, 2014 | post #9)

NBA Basketball

LeBron James Is The Most Immature Player In The NBA (Arti...

...AND THEY TALK ABOUT BASEBALL PLAYERS AND STEROIDS ARE YOU KIDDING ME, LEBRON HAS HAD HUGE MUSCLES SINCE HIGH SCHOOL!!!! http://nbapublicar gument.files.wordp igh-school-lebron- james.jpg  (Apr 12, 2014 | post #4)

Top Stories

Obama's Budget and Republican response (Ryan) com/obama-offer-ta x-breaks-workers-e lection-budget-pit ch-060508286--sect or.html I just read the above story about Obama's proposed Budget and the Republican response. No talk of course of the realities of the changing world facing our future generations, Of course it did mention "cutting the size of the military to pay for training and new weapons systems in an era of tighter spending" (like what more biological and atomic weapons or just more satellites to fry us and turn us into mindless zombies and puppets) check out Google Earth's Real Time satellite positions of over 13,000 and growing number of satellites orbiting earth https://www.youtub d-4oEds Well let's first talk about that first...our Military is about divided as our Morals and Nation. Seems like the Navy is run out of Japan and Ireland, the Army Korea and Africa, the Air Force Germany and Australia. And they all pretty much hate each other and the Marines. Obama, he just hates everybody like most African Americans and Feminists. So now what? Well Hillary is back! O Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course who will keep an eye on Willie's pecker? Meanwhile the Oil Guys keep getting richer pissing off the liberals some more and making the rest of us miserable some more!! O'Yeah!!! Meanwhile Big Pharma and Amerithrax Gangsters still loving this Snake Oil nation or ours!!!!!! So let's all just get legally high like Colorado!!!!! Just don't bet on sports unless your are in Vegas and don't hire an escort unless you are in Hungary. What a Country this is turning out to be! What will the future possibly hold? Well you know we have to save Israel.... from who again? O' Yeah the James Bond Villains. 13,000 Satellites and growing though? Jesus can we still go somewhere in private and fantasize about Pamela Anderson soon? I know all those Satellites are all under the same all knowing righteous control of who? O'Yeah, Amerithrax and rest of the peaceful money grubbing world. Of course I still get lazy crap in my face all the time begging me for a quarter. You know the crap that knows you are not the one that will shoot the shit out of them! Let's not forget this country empowers lesbians and abortion "the woman's right" not birth control for horny young girls that might please older men. Silly though is it not...all those satellites,,,all of our advanced technology, finance, psychology, medicine, and still so much barbarism. Maybe they are still one in the same. Good Luck!  (Mar 4, 2014 | post #1)