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Sep 29, 2008

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this is ive been waiting ive lived in defieance for 24 yrs in my short send a letter of when the water is dirty (which we greatly appricieate)but you never tell us when it is clean.i know the shlit hehheh that we flush goes into the maumee river and i know the river was so flameable at one point u could throw a match into the why do u propose to so called reemberse the people of defiance that the water will be clean? the resevoir that ure builing is just to keep the river from flooding.please correct me if im wrong please!but how long will it take to get the property owners life get back to mormal? cause u know they would apprieceate it but they have things to do< they would get irritated as heck and im sure they know a better way than what i would! why cant u build a damn that would spew chemicals that would nt be harmful to the creatures and the city of defiance?im not from defiance nomore but the water?the frigerrater can only hold so much of things of course theres gallons of water but thats not enough.they shouldnt have to boil there water just to purify it the water should be clean! but until then gallons and water bottles are perfectly fine. what u could do is update the people of defiance of how clean the water is.i have sssooooo much more to say ssssoooo much more so get ahold of me (ive been waiting)  (Oct 1, 2008 | post #1)