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Jun 27, 2014

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Is there hope?

Hello Every One! Hope every one is doing well:) I just joined and am looking for some advise here from any one and every one regarding getting back into the medical field after having my CNA/CHHA revoked. I committed a crime against a elder by steeling his credit card and charging on it before i shredded it in tiny pieces and bestrode it. I was working for a agency at the time, eventually got caught,pretty much turned my self in,the pt. poa didn't file charges after we talked and i paid back what i charged and wrote two apprize letters,one to the patient ,one to him. It was my agency that had to turn me into the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry. I had a attorney for the criminal case here in Tulsa, my original charge was a felony,got dismissed to a misdemeanor,about 1-3 months later I and another attorney went in front of the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry Board and all I could do was cry hard,,not even breath to speak. I had 5 references letted from nurses stating they knew my charges and just asked for them to have some kind a mersey on me and to let me keep my little bed pan certificates,for my sake. I AM NOT SAYING MY NO MEANS THAT US CNA'S ARE NOTHING! DO NOT GET ME WRONG,,NURSES MOSTLY STARTED OUT AS CNA! I LOVE EVERY ASPECT OF NURSING ** EVERY** I have been in the field for 20 years,,,i eat,sleep,breath nursing! It is killing me to know that I will never be able to work in this god loving **GREAT ** feild again. I have called the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry and talked with a person that does know me from dirt and she very freakily said that I will not even be able to get my CNA ever back in the state of Oklahoma. What can I do??? I am a very good CNA,,,I have many of thank you cards from family members thanking me for the care i gave their loved one durning their time of passing. I mostly did hospice support care. And private duty through agency's. I have no before, nor after offenses on my back ground. I have read nurses have more then I and they are aloud to continue being nurses,,,,and that is well. The offense isn;t like me,,,were all human and stress will get to you and that is what happened and IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. I just want to know there is hope,faith,encoura gement out there that i will not die sooner then later due to a broken heart over my mistake that i feel the embarrassment,sham e,regret,dis appointment in myself every minute of every day, that i will do what it is to get a second chance. Thank you all,,,and keep being the GREAT nurses you are,,,each and every one of you,,CNA,CMA,LPN,R N!  (Jun 28, 2014 | post #1)

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