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Dec 13, 2008

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Needle Marks/

Just an FYI, Retin A is a prescription drug that you must get from a dermatologist. It is usually not covered by insurance and can cost anywhere from 2-$300.  (May 29, 2010 | post #13)

Needle Marks/

You could try covering it up with a tattoo. I saw where you said you can't afford to see a doc (assuming you meant Plastic Surgeon to have laser) so thought this might be a more affordable alternative. You could sort of incorporate whatever scars you have into the tattoo. Make sure any scars or tracks have entirely healed, before going this route. I have no experience with what tracks and needle marks really look like but I would imagine if you are taking Subs you are looking to leave that life behind you now. Good for you and I hope eventually you are successful at doing so and that this issue will be resolved. Hope this helped.  (May 29, 2010 | post #12)

What is an easy way to get prescribed......

Awww P, you are always too kind. Thank you for the thoughtful and kind words. I am just living this life and hoping that along the way I am able to help those who are less fortunate than I and teaching my children to always do the same. I think they are aware of the things that I do to make our little corner of the world a good and decent place to live. To correct the wrongs done to those who do not deserve it and to make the right way common place. I always appreciate and respect those who have a difference in opinion and perspective than I, as long as they show me the same respect, which you have done time and time again. Let's keep up the good work that it seems we both are doing and inspire together, others to do the same. Your a cool dude P and I am really lucky to have been able to post with you here. I sincerely look forward to posting with you for a long time to come.  (May 29, 2010 | post #548)

What is an easy way to get prescribed......

Dude, I think I missed your original post but what the HELL were you doing? Are you trying to get an appt to see a pain doc or get hooked up with some sort of meds, another way? Whichever it was, I was completely shocked at the level of bull shi$ that you were willing to put up with to get the results you were after. If you are in pain, I am truly sorry that those guards put you through that but hell, I can't believe you had the patience to go and come back as many times as you did. Can you fill me in on what it was you trying to do here? I am just curious and also what if any your injury and pain are? There has to be an easier way man....  (May 28, 2010 | post #538)

What is an easy way to get prescribed......

Thanks for the link P, I will check it out later on tonight. I have always tried to be a positive voice for those, who, like myself, suffer from chronic pain. Ever since my injury and subsequent pain, I have really gotten first hand knowledge of what it's like to change your entire lifestyle because of it. I am a Mom to 10 and 8 year old children. They love sports, like I did when I was younger, and I always envisioned being able to help them practice and keep them sharp. It saddens me to know that I will never play catch or be able to show them how their Mommy used to pitch in high school and college. They will never know that person I once was. My husband, although extremely understanding, will never again be able to enjoy the woman he married. Sure, I am the same girl, personality wise but it's just not the same. I don't mean to make this sound like I am some cripped up person but there are so many things I can no longer do as a result of my pain and injury. I have some really bad days but also some good days and those are the days I live for. I know there are hundreds of thousands of people who suffer as we do and it makes me feel good knowing that even my little voice is doing something to make the world a better place not just for myself but for all the others who suffer in silence. I say silence because I myself know that people just don't want to hear ALL the time about how much pain you're in. It's a huge downer and perpetuates a negative persona that people just do not want to be around. So we suffer in silence, so as not to be "that" person. So, this is a way to whine but have it do some good in the world. I respect the fact that you are so outspoken on the issue and hope that more people will find you inspirational and maybe become more outspoken themselves as a result. Sorry for the tangent but every now and again it is good for the soul to get that shi% out, lol. Keep up the good work P you are truly an inspiration to me.  (May 28, 2010 | post #537)

What is an easy way to get prescribed......

You should go HM, you guys would have a great time!  (May 26, 2010 | post #514)

What is an easy way to get prescribed......

and to you too my good friend. Haven't seen ya on FB lately. Have you given up on those sites, lol.  (May 26, 2010 | post #513)

JULY 1 reformulated tablets out, no one will get high any...

I have heard from some people that it does work. I also have heard going through a voluntary detox for a week or so will lower your tolerance or "reset" it. Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy reading your posts as well.  (May 26, 2010 | post #115)

What is an easy way to get prescribed......

That's because you are in the "Pill Capital" of the world, lol. Take care.  (May 25, 2010 | post #506)

JULY 1 reformulated tablets out, no one will get high any...

Hey P, Long time no post, lol. I mean to each other. Anyway, I am really glad to hear that you are also apart of the great letter writing campaign in our country, to keep the docs writing us PP's our scripts which are so desperately needed. I am a member of "The American Pain Foundation" as I have posted about numerous times before and they actually make the letter writing process a lot easier by emailing you the form letter and you just copying, pasting and then forwarding it on to your Legislator. Every time a new Bill is to be considered that would be beneficial to PPs, members of APF (American Pain Foundation) start their letter writing campaign. This helps by giving the hundreds of thousands of PP's a voice that is heard. There are so many people who just bitch and moan about the way things are for us PP's but how many of them are actually doing something by participating in the solution. People are quick to whine but when it comes time to be proactive, they let everyone else do the work. I think anyone who suffers from chronic and debilitating pain should find a way to be heard if not for themselves for the thousands suffering everyday in our country. Sorry to have gone off on a tangent but this is a topic/cause close to my heart for obvious reasons. Anyway, I guess in short, I just wanted to say thank you for being one of the few who do actually want to change the system for the better.  (May 25, 2010 | post #104)

JULY 1 reformulated tablets out, no one will get high any...

Hey Rony, I know we haven't posted to eachother before but I had a question for ya: How do you get you Bup and Oxy from docs and use your insurance? I thought once you have been seen by a Bup doc, you are flagged for all future Opiate meds? Sounds like You have it all worked out. Not judging, just curious.  (May 25, 2010 | post #91)

JULY 1 reformulated tablets out, no one will get high any...

Hey Siren, I didn't take your post to be bitchy. I just thought I would break it down a bit for ya. Most legit pain patients have run out early on occasion for multiple reasons and it happens to the best of us. The difference between those who abuse and us, are the lengths they will go to, after they have run out. I have never "Doc Shopped" or looked for alternative ways to get meds. I sucked it up and learned a lesson in the process. It was pure Hell for a few days but like I sad, lessons were learned, lol. Jules  (May 25, 2010 | post #90)

JULY 1 reformulated tablets out, no one will get high any...

You're forgetting that most of the people waiting in that packed waiting room were dealers and those sent there by dealers. Then you have those who are addicted with no medical need and would do just about anything to obtain the drug. They prefer to pay cash for their doc visits, as well as their scripts, so there is no paper trail for the "Script Monitoring System" to pick up on. These two types of individuals are not going to be suspect of those conditions you mentioned in your post. The last group and probably the smallest are those with legit pain but without insurance. They are just so happy to have their pain addressed that they are willing to sit in the fiery pits of Hell to see a doc and get pain meds. These people are working class and very low on the socio-economic scale. They have to go to work with their pain everyday and are grateful to have the meds, so they can do it pain free or at least semi-comfortably. I used to go to a doc that had a pretty sketchy waiting area. I had to take an entire day to go to see him. Wait forever in the waiting room with a pretty sketchy bunch. I did that for a few months and then finally found myself a respectable doc and a wait time of about 10-20 mins on the average. Best decision I ever made. Anyway, getting off topic now. Just wanted to explain what you were trying to wrap your brain around with regards to those "Pill Mills".  (May 23, 2010 | post #65)

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