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Jan 31, 2013

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Shepherdsville, KY

Jessica Saylor/Hardesty

And BTW, I have NEVER pressured my kids into telling me anything about what goes on over there,the only concern i have is them being around a bipolar, twisted, evil, peg leg like YOU!! I have put my kids thru alot, that I will not deny, but for you to brainwash them is WRONG, they are scared to death of you! they told me this morning at breakfast they "dont really like being around you alone", sorry but have every right in the world to be woried about MY kids!! U are so threatened by me becaus deep down u know that I am NOT dong drugs, I HAVE streightened my life up and WILL get my babies back FULL TIME!!! U can try n stres me out, psych me out, run my name in the ground but at the end of the day, when u lay ur head down, u know that ur fairytale life is gettin ready to change!! Oh, BTW...ur posts on here is what gave u away DUMBASS, u cant spell for shit!! Go back to school, learn how to read,right and spell correctly, then maybe i can take ur insults a little more serious!  (Feb 2, 2013 | post #13)

Shepherdsville, KY

Jessica Saylor/Hardesty

U rsuch a dumbass, I know this is Nekiea, i havent fuced anyones man, other then Josh and he came to me with open arms!! U think ur so smart, u dont know shit for real, only what u have been told!! I have the suicide notes, the ems reports and police reprts and the divorce papers, so go aheadnd TRY n make urself look good! I aint arguing aymore, I am better then that and I am better than u!  (Feb 2, 2013 | post #12)