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Mar 3, 2011

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Coolville, OH

Teen Stabbed To Death At Graduation Party | Ohio News Net...

Ummmm, hello? Why are you people saying Cameron was an "uninvited guest"? I know Katie Mace. Anyone who knows Katie, knows that she is dating Dakota Douglas. Dakota Douglas and Cameron Lucas are best friends. KATIE invited Dakota, Dalton, AND CAMERON to this party. In fact, I was there when Katie asked Laken Walraven if the guys could come and LAKEN said YES. So guess what? Cameron WAS an invited guest! What now?  (Mar 3, 2011 | post #93)

Belpre, OH

Teen found guilty in stabbing case

Some of you people are really messed up in your way of thinking. I was there at the party. I saw with my own eyes the guys who were attacking the 17 yr old boy. I don't know him but I know what he went through that night. There was NOT only Lamarr fighting him, but at least two others. I DO know who the other two guys were. One was Scott Walraven and one was Michael Walraven. You know...the "Coolville Trash". I hope this boys family sues the pants off the Walraven family! I really don't know how it got out there that he only had ONE guy beating on him. NOT TRUE! Lamarr, Scott, & Michael ALL THREE were beating on him. I really didn't know Lamarr all that well, but I knew enough to know this WAS NOT his first fight. I heard he was a nioce guy until you got a little liquor in him. Well, that "little liquor" along with the taunting from the Walravens cost him his life this time! Not cool....not cool at all!  (Mar 3, 2011 | post #1)