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Aug 17, 2013

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Wondering if this home remedy works for scabies?

Hi All, If you are on this forum then you probably have or have had scabies. I am hoping someone on here can answer my question or give some advice. I believe my husband and I and one of our sons has scabies. I just started itching yesterday and I have red bumps. No lines though. The bumps are on my legs in front by my knees and some bumps on my tummy and some on my arms. None between my fingers. None in my private areas either. My husbands red marks are on his tummy and lower back and some on his arms. My sons are on his legs and some on his arms. Anyway.....I just saw a video on you tube which showed a man making his own Permethrin Topical cream which the doctor can give you as a prescription. We would go to the doctor to get this cream, but we don't have insurance at all and my doctor charges $100 for an office visit and then we would have to pay for the medicine which I understand costs around $80 for a small tube and you would have to use it at least twice so that is $160 for two tubes and I have 4 people in my family so they all need to be treated too. So in the end you paying about $1000 after getting the meds for all of us and office visits for the 4 of us. I believe I have scabies and that our older son gave it to us. I noticed him itching a lot over the last month. I asked him what it was and he thought they were spider bites, but he did say a friend of his had scabies and how gross that was. To make a long story short I believe we have all caught it! The You Tube video shows a man mixing 2 ozs. of 10% Permethrin that he bought at a tractor supply store and he adds to the 2 ozs. of permethrin, and 2 ozs. of body lotion together. (He used Gold Bond brand lotion). He figured this out by adding the cream and making the permethrin 5% as you add the same amount of cream to the permethrin therefore making it 5% and not 10%. He put it on his skin in the video. You can't see his face very well but you do see his arms which look like he has lots of scabs on them. Unfortunately he does not tell you if the home remedy worked! I AM WONDERING IF ANYONE HAS TRIED THIS AND IF IT WORKED? Please add a comment or email me. At this time I am using tea tree oil directly on the scabes or red marks and I am bathing in tea tree oil which I add about 20 drops to the water. I have also added about 50 drops of the tea tree oil to our hot tub and we put the degrees on as hot as we can stand it. I figured the mites might die either from the tea tree oil or the very hot water. I also laundered my sheets and nightgown in HOT water and added safe color bleach to the laundry soap. I did that today and after the hot tub soak the itching has gone away a lot but not all the way gone. I have also added the tea tree oil to the shampoo in a cup and used that for our hair. I bought a mite/lice killer spray at CVS which is suppose to kill them on your furniture and bedding. Please comment if you have tried the permethrin mixture! I would love to know if that works. I don't want to poison us though so hoping someone has first hand experience with this. FYI: My children are adults. They are 21 and 25 yrs old. So no young children in the home. Thank you in advance for your help!  (Aug 17, 2013 | post #1)

Rochester, MI

Pit bull bites off substantial portion of Rochester man's...

Why would you stick your tongue out to a strange dog that you do not know? Pit Bulls get such a bad rap. Look at the owners and the history of the dog. Bet the dog was treated badly. It is how you raise an animal. If everyone remembered that the more love you show a pet, the more they will love you back. Unfortunately you have these young punks who get a pit bull to look tough and they put a heavy chain around the dogs neck and they fight and wrestle with the dog because it makes them look all gangster. Seriously, I will say it again....if you love your pit bull that dog is loyal to it's owner and would protect you with their life. Don't you remember the Little Rascals show? Their dog was a PIT BULL!!!! I wouldn't put my face in the face of any type of dog that I don't know well. Even a tiny dog may bite you. The dude was just stupid to do that. I have a pit and he is just a big ole baby who loves everyone. It makes me sad about all the bad publicity this breed is getting.  (Aug 17, 2013 | post #1)

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