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May 4, 2013

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Owensboro, KY

sheep next door

I once heard about a guy living in town with sheep and all kinds of other live stock. They arrested him for having sex with those animals and then banned the keeping of live stock in town. May not be true but heard it from two separate sources. One a retired police officer.  (May 6, 2013 | post #39)

Owensboro, KY

Just soiled a brand new pair of briefs!!

Take that underwear!!! What you get for always riding my ass!  (May 6, 2013 | post #2)

Owensboro, KY

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

It's George Bush's fault. Everything else is.  (May 6, 2013 | post #89044)

Owensboro, KY

Why are religious nuts the meaniest people to work with?

I believe that it’s more of a personal security question. I find that many problems people have with one another are security related. True believers in a particular faith, that believe it to the bone, don’t feel the need to jam it down other’s throats. It is of benefit to them and not a problem to others. On the other hand, if someone isn’t 100% secure in their belief, they may lash out at others with differing opinions. I can give an unrelated example. Someone uses and iPhone and gets into an argument with a Samsung Galaxy user that their phone is better. They may not know anything about Samsung phones but because of their insecurity, they attack it and defend their choice. The same argument can be made of atheists. A true atheist should not be afraid of their views but should never shove those beliefs in the face of a theist. Deep down, some atheists may fear that the other viewpoint may be right. This causes a personal security issue that makes them lash out. Demanding business not say “Merry Christmas” and instead “Happy Holidays”, in my mind, is an example of not wanting to be reminded that you may be wrong. A violent example of religious insecurity can be seen in Muslim extremists. The idea that all “infidels” (someone with differing religious views.) must die, has only one logical reason. The simple existence of another faith, questions the absolutism of the Muslim faith. This causes insecurity in their belief system. Personal insecurity is one factor that can lead to your problem. But I’m sure there can be many other reasons. It’s just one that stands out to me. People need to remember that a freedom of religion is an American constitutional right. You can believe or not believe in whatever way you see fit. That right should not be infringed upon by others. I personally view myself as agnostic. I was raised with Christian ideology, but as I got older, my logical way of thinking struggled with some of the teachings in the Bible. I see great benefit in the Christian belief system. It can help people through very tough times in life. It helps protect people from natural animalistic behavior “sin” and keeps them on a civilized path. On a side note: Another ideology I’ve studied is the idea that the true power of prayer comes not from a deity but from our own subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has great power over us. It guides our decisions every day. For someone to continuously pray, with great emotional backing, for an achievable goal, they may very well be setting their subconscious mind on a mission to guide them to that desired outcome.  (May 4, 2013 | post #65)