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Aug 30, 2011

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AU Gold Dust / Dore Bars

We are the legal Seller¬ís that deals with direct buyer out intermediaries who continue to create stress during the process and so we do not agreed with sorts of people to get involved during the time of process. Please if your not a buyer do not write us because we do not welcome any intermediaries , so only direct buyer has the right to move around with us and get the transaction close as soon as we signed CONTRACT with buyer. BELOW ARE THE KEY OF OUR PROCEDURE, If buyer does not accept our Procedure 100%, buyer is under obligation to pay 15% out of the total amount involved here in Mali, first before we can arrange the shipment in 2 to 3 business working days directly to the buyer,s destination or refinery. So there is ( NO POINT ) to move forward, because the seller¬ís procedure is FINAL and cannot be revised. In that case we suggest buyer should look for another seller and If buyer agrees, we can move forward with confidence and get the transaction closed expeditiously under our terms and conditions basics. The following are the informations concerning our product before shipping: Quantity: 400 kilos Quality: 22carat+ Purity: 93.5% above Price: $ 25.000 per kilo Origin: Mali Buyer: under obligation to Pay 15% out of the total amount before we can arrange for the shpment directly to the buyer,s destination or refinery. Shipping: by Air France. We look forward to meeting with you and a successful and lucrative year of trading. Bissimilah, Issa Mohamed  (Aug 30, 2011 | post #1)