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Nov 18, 2013

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World Cup 2014 Draws

Group A: Brazil Croatia Mexico Cameroon Group B: Spain Netherlands Chile Australia Group C: Colombia Greece Ivory Coast Japan Group D: Uruguay Costa Rica England Italy Group E: Switzerland Ecuador France Honduras Group F: Argentina Bosnia Iran Nigeria Group G: Germany Portugal Ghana USA Group H: Belgium Algeria Korea Republic Russia http://soccer-foot ball-teams-leagues  (Jan 26, 2014 | post #1)

Geneva II Peace Conference - Syria Civil War

On 22nd January 2014, peace conference is planned to be held between Syrian government and opposition groups in Geneva. This conference hopefully will be a solution to the crisis and could end the civil war. It is planned to establish a transitional government until the elections.  (Jan 22, 2014 | post #1)

Protests and Bombings in Thailand

The political tension in Thailand seems to increase with the last bombings in Bangkok in which nearly 30 people injured and nearly 8 people have died since the beginning of the crisis.The protesters aim the resignation of the government headed by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The protesters, numbered as 100 yhousand people in Bangkok streets claim PM Yingluck is influenced by former Prime Minister and and her brother Thaksin Shinawatra who was deposed by military coup d’etat in 2006 because of the corruption in his goverment and was sentenced to two years. Yingluck Shinawatra accepted to call elections on February however this announcements seems not to decrease the tension. The protesters and the opposition, Democrat Party boycotting the polls and aim to see the government resing and Yingluck to leave the country. The other main actor in Thai politics, Thai Army, who realized a succesfull coup d’etat in 2006, is wondered whether it will intervene in the crisis or not. Lastly the government has announced state of emergency for 60 days.  (Jan 22, 2014 | post #1)

UFO and Alien

Mu Continent - Alien Civilization

Before the written history, there was a continent on the Earth with highly advanced technology and culture. This continent was located in the Pacific Ocean. As a result of natural disasters or conflict and the war with the other civilization. The remnants and records of this lost civilization has been transfered by Nacaal tablets to the present time. James Churchward had the chance to read these tablets in India and noticed a highly advanced civilization which appeared 50.000 years ago. And the ancient civilizations which we call "advanced " like Aztecs, Maya, Egypt, Babylon were only the colonies of this continent. His most important claim was that the Sun God Ra in Egypt had the roots from Mu civilization. The word "Rah" itself has the meaning of "Sun" according to the Nacaal tablets. In addition, the symbols that were used in Mu can also be seen now in many known civilizaitions. In North America, the Pueblos, claim that their ancestors came with the ships from sunset. Churchwood also noticed that the ancestors of Pueblo People, "the Zuni tribe" have been disappeared with great flood and earthquakes. And in ancient Maya tablet Troano ( can be seen in British Museum) it is recorded as " the creator has decided to destroy the continent (Kui) because the ones living on it started to became greedy, liar and evil, at first earthquakes started, than all columns carrying the continent had disappear and all region sanked into the fire. Than waters came and surrounded all continent". The ones who obeyed the prophecy of Ra-Mu could escaped to the other colonies however most of the rest had disappeared. http://anunnaki-su merians.blogspot.c om  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #1)

Sudan Turmoil

Started on the 15th of December, the unrest in Sudan seems to finalize with dialogue calls from Ban Ki-Mun and Jen Psaki to Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. The unrest said to be started by the former deputy Riek Machar which belongs to Nuer ethnic group whereas president Silva belongs to Dinka. Followign the referandum in South Sudan the country divided into two while North became Republic of Sudan. Abyei region which has rich oil resources in the middle of the two countries however remain as the cause of the possible future conflicts. Kiir and Machar represent two big ethnic entities in South Sudan. Especially following the independence of Sudan in 2011 the tensions increased after Kiir's accusing of Machar to prepare a coup d'etat against his government. During this time again many innocent civilians their life because of the conflict, only in the capital Juba many people left the city. The oil-rich country now struggling with inner ethnic problems.  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #1)


Agriculture and Dairy Farming Exhibitions List - 2014

1-) INAGRITECH 2014 ( 19-22 March ) - Indonesia 2-) AGROEXPO EURASIA 2014 (18-21 September) - Turkey 3-) FSSHOW 2014 - (6-8 March) - China 4-) MODERNAGRO 2014 (18-20 June) - China 5-) AGMET 2014 (29-31 March) - China 6-) ANIMALIA ISTANBUL 2014 (20-23 February) - Turkey 7-) AGROTECH (07-09 March) - Poland 8-) SEMINAT (07-09 March) - Italy 9-) AGROTECHNOLOGIES - (18-20 March) - Russia 10-) EUROTIER 2014 (11-14 November) - Germany 11-) ILDEX - VIETNAM - (19-21 March) - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam http://manure-sepa m/  (Dec 24, 2013 | post #1)


Top 10 Worldwide Cities to Travel

1- Paris, France 2-Trinidad, Cuba 3-Cape Town, South Africa 4-Riga, Latvia 5-Zürich, Switzerland 6-Shanghai, China 7-Vancouver, Canada 8-Chicago, Illinois, USA 9-Adelaide, Australia 10-Auckland, New Zealand http://tourism-cit  (Dec 24, 2013 | post #1)


Earth-Like Planets - Kepler Mission

With the help of today's technology we are able to search life beyond Earth. According to astronomers there can be billions of earth like planets in Milky Way galaxy. If this is the sistuation for our galaxy by adding the other earth like planets in other galaxies we are reaching to the number of billions of billions planets. For this mission Kepler spacecraft has been launched in 2009 by NASA and in its 4 years it succeed to discover many earth like planets in a habitable zone of their solar systems. The nearest of these planets is only 12 light years away from the Earth. Until now Kepler has discovered earth-like planets in Lyra, Draco, Cygnus constellations. Some of these planets are Kepler-32e, Kepler-32f, Kepler-42c, Kepler 42d...totalling nearly 200 confirmed earth like planets. It is very exciting to hear such news which clarify that there are billions of earth like planets in other solar systems which are able to support life. Not only in our galaxy but also in Andromeda and other galaxies. http://planets-sol  (Dec 10, 2013 | post #1)

The Great Middle East Project

Great Middle East is mostly a political term rather than geographical. The countries in the mentioned term is beginning from Morrocco in the West and till Pakistan in the East also consisting the countries like Turkey, Israel, Iran, Jordan...The map was originally prepared by Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters. As mentioned in the journals it is also considered as a plan to redraw the middle east map. In the mentioned map actually many Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan were shown divided. This "project " seems like the plan for division and pacification of the region. Secondly a founding a route to Central Asia in order to prevent a future Russian expansion in the area. Thirdly and most importantly the region mentioned in the map hold most of the global energy sources and trade routes at one hand and any power which may be able to obtain authority in this region become absolute dominant party in global affairs. The above mentioned area was also considered to be the "Eurasian Balkans" which means obtaining too much ethnics and ready to live civil wars and uprisings. The "map" for some scholars is to identify the possible peaceful living areas without a problem.  (Dec 9, 2013 | post #1)

Syrian Civil War Comes to End?

The ongoing civil war in Syria which was started on March,2011 can be candidate for one of the most brutal wars in world history. Started as peaceful demonstrations but in following days became a horrible war between Syrian Army and the uprising groups. The opposition was composed of civilians and also escaped officers from the army who did not want to involce in these violence against civilians. Additionally, Hezbollah also sent troops to fight together with Syrian Army against oppositon. Apart from the Hezbollah, Syrian Ba'ath Government and Army also got support from Iran, Russia and China. As known the last two are the members of the UN security council and have vote to effect the decisions. On the other hand, the opposition is supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The picture in Syria now seems like a rivalry between Alawite Shabia militias, Syrian Army and Sunni opposition groups. As a result of this rivalry unfortunately many innocent people lose their lives and it seems if UN or NATO does not intervene many more will die until the end of this war. Russia and China continue to prevent an international intervention whereas Turkey aims to stop this civil war immediately with an international force.  (Dec 2, 2013 | post #1)


Name Three Things

soccer teams: Manchester United Juventus Galatasaray http://webhosting- domain-consult.blo  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #2387)


A to Z of a Girl's names...

Lucia http://webhosting- domain-consult.blo  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #654)

Problem in EU and Ukraine Relations

Ukraine was about to sign a cooperation agreement with EU which has been suspended by Ukrainian parliament because of the pressure by Russia eventhough the Ukranian citizens demand the continuation of the process. It seems Russian imperial interest and power of influence still continues in Ukraine.  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #1)

History of the Earth : Who are the Anunnaki?

"The Fallen Angels" according to Zecharia Sitchin are the extraterrestrial race who came from the Planet Nibiru to find "gold" for their damaged atmosphere. They came and created homo sapiens to labor them in their mines in Africa. According to the Sumerians "Nibiru" sometimes called as "Marduk" or "Elenin" is the twelfth planet in our solar system. Because of the structure of its orbit, per 3600 years it enters into the solar system and cause global disasters. And the "Anunnaki " are the residents of this planet. The first arrivals were the workers and some officers. As the time passes they resisted against long working hours in the mines and "homo erectus" became a solution for harsh labor. By genetic engineering the Anunnaki has developed homo erectus into homo sapiens. Therefore the mythological characters like Enki, Ishtar, Ea...have flourished in Sumerian and Babylonians texts. Today when scientists see the tablets they notice detailed version of the solar system, with correct images of the planets numbering twelve. Sumerians at that time had been able to construct the map of solar system with every details. Mesopotamia, which is in modern Iraq, became the starting point of civilization. Writing, maths, arts, geogarphy, commerce, construction and much more sciences were first seen in this area. "The land between two rivers", Mesopotamia, with its modern cities like Ur, Uruk, Eridu were the land in which "homo sapiesn" started to live as an organized manner. And this could happen with the intervention of Anunnaki to the history of the earth and evolution of the man living on it. In many ancient texts of Sumerians and Babylonians a refences to these "gods" can be seen. "Epic of Gılgamesh " is the most famaous ones of those text. It shortly mentions the rivalries between the gods who have superior powers and abilities. And later all these characters could be visible in Greek mtyhology. Zeus, Apollon, Athena all these gods had super natural powers and were able to shape the earth with hese powers. Indian famous epic "Mahabharata " also mentions a great war between these gods who can use horrible weapons even like "nuclear " power. The gods in this epic were using flying objects called "Vimanas ". All these were the results of the visiting of Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru to the Earth, nearly 450.000 years ago. They were first settled in South Africa to obtain gold. And then created homo sapiens to continue to this mining. As the time passes the number of these aliens called Anunnaki had increased together with the number of the homo sapiens. Towards the end there had been disagreement between these gods whether to help and train the homo sapiens to survive on the earth or let them to their own fate or even to terminate them completely: Enki and Enlil who were the sons of the Sumerian god "Anu" have played the leading roles of the mentioned rivalry. Enki was on the side of the homo sapiens, he aimed to transfer the "Tree of Knowledge" to them, on the other hand Enlil was not happy with Enki's activities who was helping "Adam" and "Eve" living in "Aden" to find the secret fruit. http://anunnaki-su merians.blogspot.c om/  (Nov 22, 2013 | post #1)

Iran Embassy in Lebanon has been blasted

Iran, one of the major actors of the Middle East, live some problems nowadays. By keeping the Government side in Syria and by stimulating or ignoring the civil deaths in the country, now came across its embassy bombed in a country which it also major domination and poltical influence.  (Nov 22, 2013 | post #1)