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Aug 20, 2007


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International bonds

I BUY AND SELL ALL TYPES OF BONDS: internationalbonds Agency bonds are issued by agencies of the U.S. government, as well as government-sponsor ed entities (GSEs). Principal and interest payments on the loans are passed through to bondholders and so agency bonds are referred to as pass-through securities. Asset-backed bonds are based on an underlying pool of cash-flow-producin g assets that tend to be generally illiquid and private in nature. Bearer bonds exist in physical form as certificates with coupons attached representing interest and principal payments. They are also known as coupon bonds. A callable bond is a bond containing a provision that allows the issuer to buy back the bond at a price greater than the bond's face value before the maturity date. Convertible bonds (also known as converts) are corporate bonds that give the bondholder the right to exchange (convert) the par amount of the bond for another form of security, usually common stock, at a prestated price or share-per-bond ratio during a specified period. Corporate bonds (known as corporates) are debt obligations issued by U.S. and foreign corporations. The five main classifications of corporate bond issuers, representing various sectors of industry, are public utilities, transportation companies, industrial corporations, financial service companies, and conglomerates. High-yield bonds The defining characteristic of a high-yield corporate bond (also known as a junk bond) is the credit rating, as assigned by one or more of the bond-rating agencies. The weaker a company's financial position, the more it must pay to borrow money. An international bond is a debt security received in exchange for money loaned to a foreign government or corporation. Many overseas companies sell international corporate bonds, and many foreign governments sell international government bonds to U.S. investors. Municipal bonds (known as munis) are debt obligations issued by cities, counties, states, and other government entities to raise funds that are used for projects such as building schools, roadways, hospitals, sewer systems, and other infrastructure projects that benefit the public. Treasury inflation protection securities (TIPS) are a bond issue of the U.S. Treasury in which the principal amount (par) is adjusted for inflation. Interest is paid semiannually and is calculated using the adjusted principal amount.  (Aug 20, 2007 | post #1)