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Nov 21, 2008

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Hinton, WV

james lemay

I have known James for a while and I know he needs some help with his drig problem. The only thing he needs is a lot of prayers. He along with the other boys that he was with. Drugs do nothing but bring you down and before you know it you are addicted and can not put them down, and that is exactly what happened with James. Please keep him in your prayers.  (Feb 19, 2009 | post #28)

Hinton, WV

Chris Mcguire (Del-Ray)?

I know Del-Ray pretty good. I see him almost everyday and talk to him at least 3 times a day. He is a wonderful person with a heart of gold. He may have demons in his past, but who of us don't? Let he who have no sin cast the first stone. I love you honey and stand behind you 100%.  (Feb 19, 2009 | post #38)

Fort Worth, TX

Texas Girl Survives Gruesome Pit Bull Attack

That is very true about the Dobbie breed,their brains do outgrow their skulls, which will bring out very vicious behavior. I have 2 Boxers and a couple of Pit-Bulls and I trust them around my 3 children more than I would ANY other type of dog. I do want to correct some information though, Pit-Bulls and Boxers both were origanally bred for search and rescue. The Jack-Russell and Rabbit Beagles were bred for fighting. Due to the fact that they are very small and fast, they tend to fight better than larger dogs.  (Nov 30, 2008 | post #32)

Fort Worth, TX

Texas Girl Survives Gruesome Pit Bull Attack

I have raised Pit Bulls for a few years now and my in-laws have raised them for many years. Pits are not a bad breed, it is how they are raised and treated. If you train any dog to be vicious it will be a poodle can be as bad as a pit bull.  (Nov 25, 2008 | post #24)

Fort Worth, TX

Student With Down Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queen

Congratulations Kristin!!! Way to Go. I am so glad that people are accepting people for what is inside now. Back in 2000 when I graduated that wouldnot have been an option, but thankfully today it is.  (Nov 25, 2008 | post #8)

Haltom City, TX

Does Antone Know............

Iam origanilly from Haltom City but I have moved and am trying to locate a friend. Does anyone know Brian Sims? He is from Haltom City, but the last I heard he was either living in Lake Worth or in jail.  (Nov 25, 2008 | post #1)

Hinton, WV

Who is the new girl?

I know one new girl in Hinton, her name is April. She is from Fort Worth Texas, and she came up here over the summer with me. She is a good girl but she has major issues. I don't know if it's the same girl but that's a little info.  (Nov 25, 2008 | post #8)

Hinton, WV

thieves in hilldale?

Josh Bragg is a habitual thief. He stole from me after I opened my home to him and fed him, took care of him and everything. He stole $300 of my daughters ADHD medication. Watch out for him and steer clear. He is real bad news.  (Nov 21, 2008 | post #54)

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