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Dec 28, 2012

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Winslow, AZ

beware of flying j

I totally agree, Wayne. I am boycotting this corrupt company and have many friends who feel the same way you feel about Krystal since she became manager at that flying J in Winslow! I will pass this info along to all my friends and also ask them to boycott doing any business with this place! I heard she had a very bad temper and yelled profusely at costumers wrongly while she worked in Lake Havasu! she should not be employed by such a company. Guess they have no integrity or ethics nor do they care about their own reputation with such conduct of their own management! OMG fucking crazy shittt!!!  (Dec 28, 2012 | post #2)

Winslow, AZ

Parking Lot Deaths Become Issue At Winslow City Council M...

I would like to add, this problem exists even at the new flying j - pilot and ever since Manager trainee, Krystal Hobeche moved over there from Lake Havasu City....the problem has only gotten worse, drunk indians and homeless alwasy harrassing customers....even worse her own ex con boyfriend, Jamie Headricks, who works at Dennys harasses customers at work steals from flying J, shoplifting and even caused criminal damages to vehicles in the Denny's & Flying J parking lot throwing rocks into folk's vehicles. Heard some couple took them to court and both Krystal and Jamie lied in front of the local judge over it all and that Krystal lies and deceives her own co-workers and management of her whereabouts when being paged or needed when she is out screwing around and visiting her boyfriend in the Denny's parking lot instead of being a leader and setting an example to others at Flying J. Her boyfriend is nothing but a loser and an ex con known for stealing copper and formerly in prison. Kyrstal has absolutely no business in management or employed by Flying J - Pilot in Winslow....and if this organization is protecting or covering up this type of behavior from management then it sheds much light on the type of integrity or lack thereof or any business ethics of such management or shady business practices. You can ask around thru other co-workers and employees and they will all tell you the same thing that she has caused a lot of hate and discontent is a total fake behind the scene when other managers are not present. She has caused rifts and bitter feelings with other co-workers and other managers and talks about them behind their back at work and in her home. She is also not liked even by her neighbors who hate her. Furthermore, any work evening, she can be seen talking and texting on her cell phone constantly right in front of both customers and co-workers and has no leadership or lead by example ethics, when its told by management not to be on your personal cell phone texting or calling while on duty or better yet out in the parking lot visiting with her low life loser boyfrind , jaime headricks, a known felon, who steals and shoplifts from both flying J and Denny's! boycotting flying J and the drama and lack of ethics, morals, and integrity this organization even has anymore!  (Dec 28, 2012 | post #2)