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Sep 19, 2010

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Shooting/Injecting Oxy.....?

I don't believe you are past stupid just yet. Not everyone who takes oxycontin whether by mouth, snorting or injecting do it to get high. Some take the drug because they are in unbearable pain. As far as having nothing to do with their lives, they have no life. The pain consumes them, not one moment of relief is acheived and one gets to a point of being willing to do anything to make the pain stop. They too had once said on ther lives they would never do such a thing. Well, becareful how you pass judgement because one day you may find yourself in those same shoes and willing to do anything to make it stop. Most especially in the case of this drug, that used to actually give relief, but now it does very little but remind you of the agony.  (Nov 27, 2011 | post #627)

did you know?

Sorry but on this topic you are incorrect. Check studies done at the mayo clinc. Now that soldiers are surving what would have killed them in previous wars, there are more studies being done on phantom pain. There are reports of phantom pain from the civil war. Most people with phantom pain will not discuss it because they are afraid others will think they are crazy. I have had phantom pain for six years and would hardly call it better over time. I wish you luck with your study on chronic pain. But at a time when pharmacys do not carry pain meds, doctors have stopped prescribing pain meds more and more, we do not need information dispersed like a mirror placed between the two legs will trick the body into thinking the limb is healthy. Did you know people with chronic pain want to die... every day? Every minute? It is real, it exsists for non smokers and I personally don't like your topic.  (Jul 30, 2011 | post #58)

Shooting/Injecting Oxy.....?

I appreciate your response and do appologize for my harshness. It's a touchy subject for me as I have lost people to this kind of drug abuse. Now I will have to add you to my list to worry about as you admitted that you inject these pills. I am not judging anyone in anyway. Perhaps you are young and not thinking what is gonna happen to me in ten years when I can no longer breath without assistance or have lost a limb to a change in your circulation due to injecting pills or had a stroke or some other kind of infarction. There are a lot of things worse than death and if you have children who depend on you that makes it worse. If you have a loving family who find you with COPD due to drug abuse will they take care of you or blame you for doing this to yourself? Now look I am lecturing... it is so dangerous to inject the new oxy OP's that its sickening. They wont be paying any lawsuits for the crap they have us shooting in our veins because we will either be dead or to ashamed to admit how we got sicker or unsimpathetic judge or jury. Perdue wants us dead because anyone who has ever gotten a prescription for oxycontin and become addicted can sue because the executive officers knowingly told our doctors that it wasnt addictive and that addicts couldnt get to the oxycodone in the oxycontin. So hell it could be rat posion were getting now in their best interest. Please forgive me for running my mouth here so to speak and I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I do wish you well.  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #573)

80mg oxy seller with good reputation

Yeah, you are definately my kinda man. Penniless..... No good supplies of you own..Like lotion..... Not old enough to purchase a pack of smokes... Is it because your little hands can't reach the counter yet baby? ....Yeah thats exactly what I dream about at night. Now go brush your teeth and for Xst sake change your underwear and get to bed it's way past your bedtime. Go on now be a good boy.  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #36)

Shooting/Injecting Oxy.....?

Gee it really sounds like you are tying to lecture me or something. My post was not directed to you and you obviously did not read my post or the one I was refering to or you shouldn't be judging me or misjudging my post. I did not endorce or take any stance on the injecting of PILLS. I am very aware that if one does this with or without the gelling thats been talked about other particles go directly to the lungs and people have experienced sudden death from it. I made a post on another topic making all this very clear and if you want to lecture me perhaps you should find out who you are speaking to before you jump the gun. You had no cause or invitation to talk to me about the destruction of life, I am well aware.  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #571)

Drug Test from 5 People negative for barbituates while ta...

I wanted to find out if anyone else has found this situation. I know someone who is was trying to get into a pain management program and was turned down and told that they did not deal with that sort of pain issue. It was shocking. Now two months later the person finds out the test for barbituates while taking oxycontin 30mg and 5mg IR tablets was negative. The doctor who did the test mentioned it in passing and I told him to tell the prescribing doctor that it is serious to be told that. Now on the day he takes the test he would have normally taken his last pain medication at noon the day before and possibly up to two tablets of IR's until midnight, but nothing the day of the test because there is a total of four or more hours of driving involved, so they wait until they get home to take that medication. After having informed the prescribing doctor, maybe a week later the doctor says he has four other patients getting the same result. The new oxycontin has a less than four hour half life. Even the oxy IR's have a longer half life. I always have been told that this drug stays in one system up to a month. Now suddenly noone can answer this question. I wonder if oxycontin is even a barbituate any longer. There are way toooooo many secrets surrounding this NEW drug. Anyone else out there having similar issues? My friend was not concerned at first, but I know what is coming next is possibly the suggestion that they do not even take their own RX and all that comes with that. This is a truely honest person and I see them take their medication as do home nurses. Anyone out there know anything? Thanks in advance  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #1)

Shooting/Injecting Oxy.....?

"OPIOPHILE " I am really shocked by this post. I can't tell if you are using sarcasm or being serious. If you are serious, you do not define what pills you are using in that way in an IV method. Do you all realize that this post began with a question in 2007? I was truely surprised that people are still trying to answer his question from so long ago...but hey maybe it takes that long to decide if you are gonna do something.  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #569)

Shooting/Injecting Oxy.....?

You really have to specify what sorta pain you have to get a real answer to the question. There are pain releivers that work and are not addictive. For example there is a lidoderm patch that works for many different kinds of pain, I use it for neuropathy, back pain which is not a chronic issue for me, arthritis type pain..ect. Also I have seen others use for say carpal tunnel syndrome. Also the 800mg ibupropen does work for some things, but one must be careful because it can poison your kidneys just like acetametaphin(s) can screw your liver. But I am not a doctor and I dont know what your pain issues are...wish I could help..sorry.  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #568)

OC 80's (and OP8's), 30's, Opana 30's, FAIR Prices

Heres a clue, go to your local Prison... No go to the courthouse and watch for the cases that are posted nearly everyday on this very page... those kinda cases. Recently they got a girl selling oxycontin that she bought in another state and sold in her own. She only sold like under 50 tablets but she was looking at 18 years. I thought I would tell you that because you didnt know what COD was, perhaps you dont know the penaltys for what you are looking to do here. Just so know because they always say ignorance of the law is no defense...which kinda sucks if you ask me, but you didnt right?  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #14)

30mg roxis for sale!!!!!

Damn it is always pudding gal getting to em before me. Getting the good info. NO let me know first if you find someone...Laughs  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #11)

2MG Xanax and Pain Meds. I ACCEPT PAYPAL!!!! Few diff PAI...

Send them directly to me and I will send you a check after they arrive...Thank you.  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #2)

Rurik's Method to Snort, IV, etc the new "OP" OxyContin

Ok so you offered a simpler way but never answered the big Q. Is epsom salts or what raises the ph? Man I gotta know now, I doubt I would ever attempt it.. the way people talk on here scares the hell out of me... but damn I just got to know now. And I am being told that to do it this way the plastic particles would just decrease and go through. And that goes for all ya'all who are using this method to snort and parachute or whatever...the method allows the plastic or polywhatevers to go through your system and clog your lungs. This was not really a problem before for anyone who snorted, but I believe it exsists with this new product. Once your lungs get filled with this plastic crap, there is no doesnt go away and eventually..well its not good. Now I could be wrong here, but I havent heard anyone say otherwise yet and I am worried for those doing these things daily...honestly I truely am. Well good luck to all.  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #714)

80mg oxy seller with good reputation

The do that because they are smegma. Now I really hate to say it... it is true of course and if you dare to take the chance and look up the definition of smegma,, only then will you know why pudding can formulate words when these Fresno people, San Antonio oh hell anyone associated with an escrow or drugbuyerforum can not formulate words. They dont or couldnt possibly have the constitution that pudding has. Trust me...Look it up...Laughs  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #22)

6 roxy 30's here 25 a peice

LMAO OTF Rolling..............  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #16)

30mg roxis for sale!!!!!

Why so defensive? interesting  (Dec 6, 2010 | post #9)