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Feb 25, 2009

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Riverhead, NY

Son Beaten by Riverhead Jail Sargent

I tried my best going thru all the channels to no avail. There's very little interest in righting the wrongs in the jails done by the thugs in uniforms. I agree there are good ones but they can't do much out of fear of the same thugs. The experience my son had left terrible emotional scars, bitterness & anger. Bad enough going to jail, having to come to grips with his wrong-doing & making amends only to wind up being brutalized. All his efforts to walk a straight line came to nought in his eyes. Sorry to reply so late. Don't read here often. Thanks for your concern.  (Dec 24, 2013 | post #142)

Riverhead, NY

Lawsuit claims LI jail inmates suffer medical neglect

My son was beaten by a guard, who impersonated an officer, and has been requesting to be seen by a neurologist. It's been a month and still no appointment made to see one. His nose broken, eye damaged, head busted to swell, etc. Whether innocently jailed or rightfully so, no one has the right to inflict physical injury to an inmate. The fact that the person is serving time, is not a reason to be beaten or kiilled by guards. Wonder if that was your son, daughter, mother, father, etc. would you feel the same? As for tax dollars, are you so perfectly abiding by the law? Hmmm, been putting that foot to the pedal, going over the speed limit? Cursed a cop when getting a ticket? Changed price tags to get a cheaper price? Work off the books? Civil servants, such as cops and other law enforcement do this quite frequently. Drink and drive, even a little bit and hope you don't get caught. Please, all you holy rollers making such holier than thou remarks.  (Feb 25, 2009 | post #9)

Riverhead, NY

Son Beaten by Riverhead Jail Sargent

To bring light to the post re: son beaten by Sargent, the CO impersonated an officer to confuse the situation and make it appear as though the inmate, my son, conjured up a story. This guard violated the wrong person, my son. As certain as there is a God above, this situation will be righted. I am a God fearing woman and know that my God reigns! He will reveal the truth and cause that guard to become so tongue tied on his own words as he slanders and falsely accuses my son by his claims. Any guard that joins him in false testimony, will face the same. God watches over his own and I and my family are His! Yes, my son is Born Again. The guard mocked him for his belief but will eat those words.  (Feb 25, 2009 | post #2)