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Aug 7, 2009

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Ikes Fork, WV

In memory of a friend Bonita L. Kennedy

I went to school with Bonita, she was great! She was Kind, Funny and full of life. She was always a good friend. Yes, Breanna and Dustin like Kim Dillon said your mom was very special. Prayers to all of the family. And Bonita if you see us all stepping the wrong way just give us a strong kick in the right direction.  (Aug 8, 2009 | post #24)

Ikes Fork, WV

Drugs In A Small Town

Hello everyone! I was hoping I could get a little education on the drug issue in Ikes Fork, Hanover and any other close area. I left the area back in 88, and yes there was a couple of people who sold pills and some other extras. Did it grow from there? What happened? Also, can someone share some names who have died? Please let me know if you would rather email me any info. Thanks in advance!  (Aug 8, 2009 | post #1)