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Nov 3, 2012

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Are white women-black men relationships viewed as 'low cl...

When you say "color means no more" I would like to see proof behind that. I am tired of mindless drones like yourself making claims like that without any proof. Its people like you who pander to the interracial agenda set forth by our government and Jews. I personally don't believe that any particular race is superior to others, but I do think there are differences in the races. And race does matter one way shape or form. Thats why you have women who say they are more attracted to certain races more so than others. Race certainly matters to them. Thats personally why I don't like race-mixing. Once a white woman has been there with a black guy she has just eaten from the tree of knowledge. She may now start to desire black men more so than white men. When in the first place, she should have never been fornicating. Its her sin that leads her perverted mind to think that way.  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #50)


Why are East Asian girls stealing white guys?

Seriously??? You must be one of the few good white women on this planet. I honestly would rather date someone of my own kind and I am white. It feel at loss when I see my own kind go with a black guy or a hispanic man. It makes me feel like I just broke up with someone. Because of this pain, I realize that perhaps I should start dating outside of my race. I dont want a white woman who has been with a black guy and I would find it hard to be with a white woman who has been with hispanic guy. It simply hurts too much. The reality is, this is happening more and more. There is really nothing I or anyone else can do to stop it. With all this being said, I am starting to think that perhaps being with an asian woman is my best bet for finding someone who will be satisfied with me. Its almost like being with a white woman is too much of a liability. All the races want an attractive white woman, and with white people making up only 57% of the US population....our woman are slipping away to minorites more and more each day. Our women are losing sight of our culture and way of life and not really caring too much about it anymore. They just want to be with who they want to be with and thats it. Good guys like me who have goals in life are left on the shit end of the stick because I ain't cool like some thugged out black guy or some essay with speakers in my trunk. Im just me and in search for real love from a pure hearted woman. I keep my heart and my eyes open to women of other races these days. I realize I can find what I am looking for there as well. But if I had it my way...white poeple would make up 80% of the population and race mixing would be little to none.  (Jan 9, 2013 | post #5600)


Do black men really have larger penises?

I think we need you black women to harass the shit out of white women who date black men. At the same time we will ostracize our white women and give them dirty looks when they try dating or even talking to a black man. If that don't work...we will make the police pull them over for dumb shit, fire them from their jobs, and their only option will be to join the military. Once they join the military we can make infantry units out of them. Once they are made into infantry units we can put them on the front lines to soften up the enemy. Its ok for white men to date black women. Its not OK for black men and white women to be together. How does that sound? My penis is 5.5X5. If that aint big enough for you or any other black woman out there then I will go asian. If you would accept me how I am then things could be good. I am straightforward and honest, and I think black women would like that about me. Im definitely not hip or cool though. Im just me. All in all, I prefer my own kind but i absolutely refuse to date a white woman who has been with a black man. Even though I would date a black woman. Theres my 2 cents.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #911)


Do black men really have larger penises? would make a pretty little infantry unit.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #910)

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