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Sep 24, 2012

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No Muslim can think of profaning holy Prophet (PBUH): Altaf

Why people believe in God is logical. A human being cannot say, that he is only good, because he need not say it to himself. You cannot say it to others. Good does not, exist because of people's idea of good, or bad. Can you think of any power, which is only good, which you need not understand the goodness of? Our intellectuals and political leaders are not such a power. They have not perhaps even imagined this, and I am not being negative, when I express this.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #28535)

No Muslim can think of profaning holy Prophet (PBUH): Altaf

I think a Muslim is a believer, because he believes in God. People cannot understand, how the concept of God entered the mind of Man. Man actually says, I believe that the greatest existence is one that my mind says cannot be, because there is no proof. I cannot put myself in the position of anyone, because I believe that the Muslim believes in God. I must make a point. I believe, that if a Muslim must see his Holy Text as he wants to see it, in the orthodox manner that he wants, he must see a difference between how different people read his Holy Book. I mean the person who wants to know religion. A person may not need to understand what he reads, because he believes. Another person may teach himself by examples, yet another may look at what is not liked by him, in life, to learn religion. Obviously, I too find insulting any person, whether he doesn't believe in religion, extremely insulting to myself.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #28532)

China says first aircraft carrier entering service, altho...

What the Americans do. Absolutely nothing. The Americans do like niceness, and good. The Chinese will probably not say they want to do anything. The Chinese have a history where their leaders are seen to be the force behind the Cultural Revolution, and making the protestors see that the Tianamen Square protests, were not supported by all. They do not say, that their leaders, or themselves are to blame for these incidents. Just like we, you and I, do not say that the President Abraham Lincoln instigated his nation to rebellion, and then fought a Civil War as President.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #37)

China says first aircraft carrier entering service, altho...

You know, sir, air superiority is not required in certain situations. What is not essential, in situations, become redundant, if I may say, before they are conceived, or invented. The Aegis missile system, can obliterate any and every aircraft launched from a Carrier Group, and all the ships, which include the aircraft carrier. The Chinese have a system, similar to the Aegis today. If you want to destroy ships, or naval ships particularly, you don't need aircraft carriers. The sailors of the High Seas Fleet, of the Kaisers Imperial Navy, scuttled their own ships, and they were not destroyed in battle.  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #32)

Syria - the lies being told

I am being the perfect fool, but when a Syrian dies a natural death, one is supposed not to mourn him, but to feel that in life and death, he was and is, one of us, because it doesn't matter to him, he is and was, one of us. If possible, one must be perhaps a bit positive. I hope I can be, in this situation. Now, I really don't want people who are Syrian, to want each other to die. Just because when we were children, we told each other, 'I wish you were dead', doesn't mean we mean it. These people have no reason to do what they do. They are imagining themselves as different people, when they are not.  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #1578)

Indian state in grip of drug epidemic

We must look at Opium in the correct perspective. It can actually be seen as a medicine. Let us look at substances in the correct manner. It seems, drugs or harmful intoxicants have other uses, and people use them, how they want to. Heroin is a chemically altered form of a plant extract, having other uses, I would be totally sure of this, but one cannot be. If we don't look at a situation as a problem, but as a situation, then what?  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #1)

Syria - the lies being told

Specifically, being a human individually, and socially may have issues, which are general. We are saying vociferously, we are individuals, and also, we are a society, but we are a society, because I look at society the way I want, and others look at society the way they want, it seems, in this situation, we always feel that we are at a disadvantage, not everyone else in society. We are basically saying, perhaps, what I felt about expressing earlier, but people are looking at this as evil, if we look at Syria. I mean, Bashar Assad must be looking at his people as not evil, because he cannot, but his people look at him as evil.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1442)

Syria - the lies being told

I cannot say I am poor, but in India, the people who want to, can come and tell a poor person, that I have a right to build where you are standing, because you don't want to. There doesn't seem to be a place, where a person cannot say that he he is obliged to the govt. for not allowing a person to build something where the original person doesn't want to, because of monetary considerations. If a man was to go to the Himalaya's to meditate, he might be asked to vacate without question, because people might want to do some commercial undertaking.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1440)

Syria - the lies being told

You cannot shoot yourself in the foot, if you are anyone. I seem to be saying, that everyone is right in just being aware, not just as a human being. Even if we were aware, and we did not call ourselves humans, would that be unjustified, inappropriate, or what? When I say this, it seems I am the greatest fool, or the perfect fool, as a person calls himself when expressing on this website, as his identification. Where is Bashar Assad wrong or right, or where are the rebels wrong or right? You make a person a Head of State, in the nation that he is in, you are the citizen of that nation, where this person is supposed to be the Head he is according to you, and then you say, this man is a bad man, because he was the ruler you wanted him to be, or expected him to be? Should every person be looked at like this? What is the U. S. Govt. saying? There should be a rebellion against democracy, in the U. S., because the people in the U. S. say, the govt. has not done the job, because the U. S. is a democracy? How can even a man with nothing, be secure in this situation?  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1439)

Syria - the lies being told

I feel, acutely, and the world seems to feel, generally, that the whole world mess should not be. This is an absolutely bad situation. We don't want any nation in the world, to compare themselves either as the rebels, or as the Syrian govt. The U. S., and other nations don't want to encourage either the rebels, or the govt., in other nations, if there is a civil war, if they know what is good for them. I wonder, was Abraham Lincoln right, or the people of his nation, that he fought against? I mean, there doesn't seem to be any dispute, now.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1419)

China says first aircraft carrier entering service, altho...

It seems, the U. S. Aircraft Carriers could not have been an aircraft platform, against the Soviet Union. Before WW2, the way the vessels were used, was not even imagined. The Admirals of all the navies, used them to target mainly, other aircraft carriers. The idea seems, the other ships, which could be attacked, were more important, because the carriers could sink them. There are about five of the carriers in the U. S. Navy, and the other ships outnumber these carriers vastly. Carriers cannot be used against merchant ships, or ships not important. It seems, the naval ships are not supposed to be specific in role. War seems to have an end, other than to conquer. The U. S. must consider, that when people see aircraft carriers in foreign shores, they could see it as unnecessary. The whole idea is, that the U. S. military seems to be where it does not want to be.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #22)

Syria - the lies being told

If there was no conscription in the Syrian army, there would be no army, apparently. What is also apparent, is that Syria does not want outside attention, because I don't know how the situation on conscription is relevant here. At the moment, Syria is vulnerable to foreign military action.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #1346)

US News

Obama: Future Must Not Belong to Practicing Christians

The President must also be seen favorably after the election. I seriously feel, if he is President, it cannot be understood, that what he thinks is for good, he thinks he needs to be ambitious about.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #21)


Godless ministers in the end times

You know, I really liked what I thought the book, published by The National Geographic Society, called 'The Gospel of Judas' conveys. It perhaps says, even those whom people feel are against God, are loved by God, where ever they are. Has anyone even thought why Mother Teresa is loved all over the world?  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #713)

What is your caste? - By vikas

Why are you, sir, who has written the piece, not saying that you are feeling insecure, and that is why you talk about the Dalit lady and her father, who took her own life? People migrate to cities, from the villages, and people are also saying that children are molested by their parents in cities. This is a city-centic phenomenon, or an urban phenomenon, it seems. This is not supposed to have happened anywhere in India. When a lady is unsafe in a city, and where caste does not matter to her, how does she talk about Dalit's in a village, when not many will bother to know if such an incident has happened? In a city, people are vulnerable, because one cannot know what is going on there. If people had dignity, I mean every section of society, there would be no victim, or perpetrator. I don't see this in Modern India, no person can say that he lives in dignity, in this situation, in India.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #1)