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Sep 21, 2008

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Gigantic Scandal in the Pharmaceutical World

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A large number of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have illegally used, and profited from, a groundbreaking patent stolen from Nogdan Immunochemicals Ltd., an Israeli biotech company. These pharmaceutical companies are now entangled in a legal dispute amounting to billions of dollars. September 15, 2008 Tel Aviv, (Israel) – Nogdan Immunochemicals Ltd. and Mr. Roland Taieb, the exclusive owner of the patent’s marketing rights worldwide, announced today that many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are embroiled in the legal dispute concerning their groundbreaking patent. The illegal use of the patent, registered both in the Israel and US patent office, has enabled these pharmaceutical companies to enter the era of proteomics with great success and, through the use of this patent, generated billions of dollars in profits for the companies. Furthermore, it is estimated by analysts that their success will amount to hundreds of billions of dollars over the next ten years. The patent is for a fiberglass gel that can isolate specific proteins in quantities a million times greater than most modern technologies and can create 100% fully human antibodies in a matter of hours, unlike the hybridoma method, which requires six to fourteen months. In basic terms, the technology enables the detection of any kind of illness practically immediately and can forecast the probability of diseases years in advance, ensuring that a potential suffer can be cured before the disease becomes concentrated. Moreover, the technology obviates all the cross-reactions that cost laboratories millions of dollars. Mr. Taieb, under an agreement signed on 15th February, 1994, has the sole rights for worldwide distribution and negotiating rights for the patent. The inventors of the patent, Prof. Igor (Itshak) Zusman (University of Rehovot) and Dr. Rivka Zusman, tried to rescind the agreement however Mr. Taieb objected to the notice of rescission of the Agreement and the matter was taken to court. to see the entire story of the scandal please enter to our blog: http://stolen-canc er-patent.blogspot .com/ Lawyers specializing in legal action related to patent infringements are invited to contact Nogdan Immunochemicals Ltd. and Roland Taieb.To pursue their claim, they want to enlist the services of a substantial amount of lawyers, of which 60% must be located in the US and 40% must be located in Europe and Japan. Compensation will be based on a 30% of the first $3 million, and 10% on additional received payments. To offer your legal services of for more information please contact: Mr. Roland Taieb Email: [email protected]  (Sep 21, 2008 | post #1)