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Nov 30, 2007

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~~~~~~~~~~selling runescape account~~~~~~~~~~

wats ur pass and i mail it to you no lie just pass and thats it or do you wat gredit or check all i need is ur pass  (Dec 23, 2007 | post #940)


runescape free stuff!

yuyu54545454 i will give u onl 10mil from my runeascape account meet me on runescape add shamyshawn ok  (Dec 23, 2007 | post #19)


selling runescape accounts

selling runescape accounts here they lvl 80 and up u can check on hiscores list for their stats some are lvl 126 because im a master hacker but the lvl 126 are so cheap u cant belive the offer oh and no test runs on these accounts u scammers satanham007 lvl 91 price: 500k thehate lvl 126 price 700k anhluu9897 lvl 78 price 300k tycaitlan lvl 62 price 134k huz lvl 81 price 239k very good in cook herblore both are lvl 99 it has herb cape cook cape baby3 lvl 96 505k awesome offers just tell me if u want oe and meet me in runescape add shamyshawn i will take the money also shamyshawn nfs tell me which one u want on topix or on runescape either one  (Dec 23, 2007 | post #1)


selling runescape account lvl 91 rocks in everything

im seling lvl 91 rocks in almost every skill he about to upgrade in str check in high scores list his user is satanham007 he has a little dragon armour no med and plate he has 3 years of membership cuz i hacked from a guy now he dont know pass he cant cancel membership so he has 99 in magic almost well u check urself and talk to me on my other account that i take money from his user is shamyshawn u make ur offer it got to be higher than 100k this is no scam i repeat no sCAM I WANT TO SELL TO PPL OK SO DONT THINK IT SCAM SO BUY AND TALK TO ME ON TOPIX OR ON RUNESCAPE PM ME ON RUNESCAPE IF U WANT........  (Dec 23, 2007 | post #1)


free rune(t)and(g)

i have to tell u ppl because there is a mod from jagex on a giving spree on my account ultoblaknite he gave me it add jake heckler he will be on maybe but the cathc is that he has a cd with this downloading crap and u need to give him ur pass if u want to see the rune (t) dont ask him he only has on cd he puts in disc drive pressesburn and puts in computer ask him for 70mil if u want it  (Dec 14, 2007 | post #1)


runescape is ruined!

i freakin showed them im a member idont want pking to be cancled stupid real world trading did this  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #7)


selling accounts cheap as hell!

selling accounts 5 now then ome next week some are 50k some are up to 300k but they are pures some are great str and att satanham007:has lotys of good stats check them in hiscores list he is a lvl 93 price:250k owning97:great pure 54 range 67 mage lvl 60 price:120k rinor106:great range and str and att and hp has dark bow so hurry before i take it lvl 69 price:78k rems82:great fighter att is 77 str 77 and hp 81 def is 75 lvl 95 price:300k arbenor5:good fighter str 66 att 66 def 60 hp 63 lvl 74 price:200k i am making awesome offers dont belive me well bad luck for u someone else might buy them but ur making a idiot out of urself if u dont buy one lol talk to me on dandaman852 he is not for sale dandaman852 will take the money i will talk on topix everyday to tell u what was sold out and which u can buy!!!!!  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #1)


I'm Quitting Runescape Giving Away to Free Players

i do plz can i have it email me on dandaman852  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #903)


how to hack runescape accounts!!!!!

hey giving out some stuff these are the folowing rune(g)platebody rune(t)legs rune(g)helm rune(t)kitesheild rune boots full saradomian zammy platebody magic bows 3 of them 249 h.a.m robes intinate armour gold trimmed intanite armour plain white with 2h i hope u injoy it talk to me on runescape so i can give u the stuff username is dndaman852 bye!  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #322)


free runescape items and accounts!

u get 7mil my bad  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #3213)


free runescape items and accounts!

give me ur pass and i will get u it just say it on runescape my user is dandaman852 im a lvl 82 if u dont belive me check my other account on the hiscores list his user is satanham007 he has good stats but only 7mil  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #3212)


anybody want any free runescape items for freeee!!!!!

hi u might not know me but i am giving ut alot of stuff the fllowing i will tell u there are non-members and members items if u dont belive that i wont give u these things then check me up in the hiscores list my username is Thehate i have 99 of every stat that means i have alot of stuff here are the stuff for all non-member and some are for members in the next section........... ........... rune armour sets(50) rune armour (t) sets(51) dragon sets(7) wips(31) ham robes(443) 152mil 7mil for each people intanite armour sets(12) dark bows(2) magic bows(23) dragon heads(346) rune arrows(10k) halloween masks green(4) halloween masks red(12) party hats green(41) party hats white(17) party hats blue(2) christmas crakers(1) saradomian armour sets(272) guthix armour sets(22) zammy sets(3) black sets(g)(44) non-members rune armour(50) black(t)(4) green capes(3524) staff of air(361) holy symbols(4mil) addy(g)(23) addy(t)(271) im sorry im a member dont have that much non-member things ok add my account dandaman852 well lvl 92 of course then tell me ur pass i know i know u think its a scam omg this is a scam well i dont need ur stupid noob accounts if u want the stuff pm me on my other account dandaman852 i might not be on but add him in case and never forget to talk to me ok................ .................. ................ o yea and sorry about not having that much non members stuff bad luck so just talk to me on runescae give me ur user and pass ITS NOT A SCAM BELIVE ME SO R WE UNDERSTOOD GOOD HAVE FUN WITH MY STUFF I COULD MAKE RNE ARMOUR AGAIN LOL DONT FORGET TO CHECK ME ON HISCORES IF U DONT BELIVE ME  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #124)


great offers on high lvls cheap!!!

selling accounts all of them are 50k and up srry if ur a nub first up is................ ...... satanham007 price:300k cheap lvl 93 rems82 price:78k lvl 56 pure mage lvl 43 owning97 price:123k lvl 50 pure range lvl 62 rems81 price:57k lvl 46 pure range lvl 41 kidbiz5 price:200k lvl 59 wc lvl 68 4 days of mem rinor106 price:234k lvl 70 wc lvl 89 gentin 26 price:29k lvl 45 wc lvl 45 gangsta 26 price:167k lvl 70 full rune (g) heiki99 price:555k lvl 101 firemaking skillcape pk0wner price:213k lvl 56 fishing skillcape ogerkilla08 price 50k lvl26 wc lvl 58 u might be thinking he is gonna take our money and run well got to hell because these accounts are all hacked by me so these are gud prices talk to me in runescape i will be on one of my accounts nfs dandaman852 talk to him HAPPY GAMING =)  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #1)


if u hve accounts for free post here.......

if u have free accounts post them here so ppl can have them if ur a scammer or trying to scam dont join this post  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #1)

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