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Mar 9, 2007

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'No room' for gays in Kenya, says deputy president

You sure did. Type in safari in Kenya in the search line and on your way! ROTFL! Too funny. Thanks  (Yesterday | post #7)


'No room' for gays in Kenya, says deputy president

No room for gays. Hmmm b/c the closet is full!? LOL Nobody said they wanted to vacation there anyway! NO problem.  (Yesterday | post #1)


Why more than 100,000 people have asked TLC to dump the D...

And WHO will be the first to 'come out'? Hmmmm  (Sunday | post #10)


Justice Roberts Hints How He Could Justify Voting For Gay...

I wonder if he believes it's ok to slap the stupid out of people like you for idiot comments. Never mind....can't fix stupid.....carry on.  (Friday May 1 | post #12)


Josh Duggar: Christians who aren't allowed to discriminat...

WOW. How many of the 19 clan are in the closet? Hmmmm. HE will not know, long as they live at home.  (Friday May 1 | post #6)


Are the mods fair and balanced?

They never take some threads down. Look in the discussions and see how far they go back! I would have deleted a lot of them old ones if I worked at TOPIX. Plus some of the new stupid ones that trolls make up.  (Friday May 1 | post #1786)


Gay marriage

He knows that. Just playing the part of a butt...... or is he NOT playing? ROTFL  (Thursday Apr 30 | post #66938)


Oregon panel considers bill banning 'gay conversion therapy'

Make this nation wide!  (Thursday Apr 30 | post #53)


Premier meets with parents opposed to new sex-ed curriculum

We can see you don't live in Canada, where this story takes place. That curriculum will let parents opt out the kid IF you read it.  (Thursday Apr 30 | post #2)


Reba Shares the Details on Attending Her First Gay Wedding

Very much so. Some of her songs aren't bad either if you like country. She sings "old style" not the rock country you hear today.  (Wednesday Apr 22 | post #2)


Thousands Of Religious Leaders Urge The Supreme Court To ...

How long ago did we read the title of this thread as.."........ ....... to protect TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE" how things change!  (Wednesday Apr 22 | post #10)


Same-sex marriage opponents urge Supreme Court to go slow much slower do you need to go? ROTFL!  (Tuesday Apr 21 | post #7)


Court ruling: What's at stake for married gay couples

The ones we live in, go figure! Sweet!  (Tuesday Apr 21 | post #6)


Court ruling: What's at stake for married gay couples

Same here Ralph. My partner was in the hospital (Jewish) for a back operation no problem. We married in Hawaii last year and I was in a car accident last Nov. as husband and no problems and that was a Catholic hospital. We are not either religion.  (Tuesday Apr 21 | post #3)


Same-sex couple wants both names on birth certificate

Notice the troll name he goes by? They are in here everyday. Shouldn't he "BeGone? " LOL  (Tuesday Apr 21 | post #16)

Q & A with Imprtnrd


What Goes Around, Comes Around


Kansas City, MO.

I Belong To:

Democrat Party

When I'm Not on Topix:

Im surfing the net,playing games on MSN, working at my blue collar job

I'm Listening To:

Anything EXCEPT hip-hop & rap!

Favorite Things:

Gay themed movies and TV shows.

On My Mind:

"Were Not Going To Take It" Twisted Sister. A good song for all the homophobics out there.

I Believe In:

Live and Let Live! I also believe the saying "What Goes Around Comes Around" . If you do good, you get it back. If you do bad things--somehow it WILL come back to you!