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Dec 1, 2008

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Snyder, TX

Woman killed by bullet from handgun in Snyder -- an accid...

For anyone who knew Jordan, they would know he would never hurt anyone intentionaly. It's not like he pointed it at Stephan and pulled the trigger. He was checkin the gun out and it discharged. It wasnt pointed directly at her. So before you call Jordan a murderer, get the facts straight. Im not takin Jordans side, but he does not deserve to be treated like this. He is an amazing person and a wonderful friend, not a murderer. I am his friend and I always will be, and yes I understand that what he did was wrong, but you people need to get the full story before saying what you THINK happened. Stephan was an amazing person and is always in my prayers. She was taken too soon and is missed greatly.  (Dec 1, 2008 | post #2)

Colorado City, TX

Freak accident

She was my little cousin. She was taken way before her time to go. The accident has been hard on everyone so I thank everyone for the prayers and support. She is greatly missed and will never be forgoten.  (Dec 1, 2008 | post #2)

Snyder, TX

Teen faces manslaughter charge

I have to agree. Jordan is wonderful. He wouldnt hurt anyone on purpous. Everyone keeps sayin that he sould have known better, but everyone has moments when they arent thinking correctly. Im not trying to take his side on things, yeah what he did was wrong and he should have thought first, but he is not a murderer. Stephan is greatly missed and I send many prayers to the Kirk family.  (Dec 1, 2008 | post #3)

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