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Mar 22, 2013

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Potsdam, NY

Blevins needs to go out of business!

First off, no one said he built the business himself. And since you seem to be such a "know it all", you should know that it was his GRANDfather that started the business, not his father. Why don't you get back to me in 10 years & we'll see how much he's run it into the ground. Second off, there are 2 Johns there, but both spell their name J-O-H-N still... Third off, it is slander, jackass. You cannot run your mouth about someone to "ruin their good name". Slander. And last, I am not hiding behind a username to claim that an establishment needs to go out of business, I'm sticking up for that business. If you have a problem with Blevins or either J-O-H-N that works there, put on your big kid pants & go there & talk to them.  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #13)

Potsdam, NY

Blevins needs to go out of business!

I'm going to start by apologizing to you all for your bad experience at Blevins. I'm also going to apologize because judging by these intelligent posts, you're going to be offended when I'm done. Unfortunately, I won't have time to read your rebuttals. Now- do you honestly think that John (it's spelled J-o-h-n) Blevins is ever going to get on Topix to read that you think he is fat & that you mistook his nice personality for hitting on you? Please, he's way too busy running his successful business. I have bought several vehicles from Blevins over the years & have never had a problem. The staff is always very accommodating while I'm there. You do know that Blevins doesn't make vehicles right? And you also know that vehicles don't last forever? You get what you pay for & judging by these posts, it's not much. You five sound like really intelligent people. If I were you, I'd rally against Blevins. I'm sure their 40 years of business won't hold up against a couple of disgruntled customers who are acting out on the Internet. I understand your need to vent, but did you stop to think about each situation? Are you maybe stretching the truth so people will pity you? If you know anything about business, then you'll know that Blevins or any other business would not last if they simply "refused " to work on your vehicle. Your fabrication of the story is nothing short of amusing. My only suggestion to all of you would be to buy a bicycle. I think that would seriously decrease your need for slander. Do you know what slander means or should I attach a definition? As for me, I'm off. I have an appointment Monday at Blevins to get my vehicle inspected. Do you mind if I print this? I'm sure they would love to hear that such remarks are being said. Plus, it sounds like you really handled you situations like adults...oh wait, adults don't get on the Internet to hide behind user names & throw around such childish remarks as shown above. Oh well, if they can determine who you are, they can have you arrested for slander :).  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #7)