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Jun 3, 2013

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Grants Pass, OR

Kitzhaber promotes county rescue plan, warns he might hav...

Allyn Ford's daddy, Pappy Ford, found Kitzenjammer in a dead end job in an ER in Roseburg (A job I had, in the same place, and likely did better). And groomed him, and nurtured him, and ran Art Robinson against him, just in case. And now they are trying the same scam with Knute Buehler. These are Nazis bent on ridding us of our flag and raising a Swastika over our new Jefferson State. And, using The Ford Family Foundation "Non-Profit " to wash insurrectionist sheriffs in money. Kitzenhaber's assignment is to see us pay for our poison. This is treason to our country. By some people enjoying cocktails, on a veranda, overlooking Lake Geneva. And Kitzenjammer is their shill. Same as my own mother was. And our legislature.  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #1)

Grants Pass, OR

Josephine County animal shelter faces closure

This tugs at my heart. And they know that. This is a scheme local law has used in the past. This and tying themselves to the libraries no police could find a book in. Or chaining our park tables and benches in a heap to spite us. The last time a drunk ex sheriff pulled into my yard without a warrant, to question whether my licensed dogs were licensed. And, the law doesn't respond to complaints about their drunken brothers. Not in Josephine County. Little but a line accross the river, removes innebriated Klan law from our service. We have a first duty to persons. And our pets have no more rights than livestock in Oregon. I found that out when I had to hound our DA to prosecute the guy who bashed in the heads of the puppies he stole from The Merlin Shelter. The shelter has long been a problem. And, we need to do something now. Or everytime you holler "Sheriff!!! " a puppy will die. I can spare a day. I can scrub poop.  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #6)

Grants Pass, OR

Has anyone sued the grants pass school distric and won

I see a guy being blamed for the actions and attitude of his child. A fraternal twin, of the other fraternal twin who is responsile and successful in his endeavors. One twin is harmed by comparison to his sibling. And a parent is unfairly maligned. By local teachers, who took the same two twins into their care. And, with the same result. If a child is a thinker and doer, he will, If not..... So education is spread thin to satisfy the wrong needs. Now that the sheriffs have their walking papers, can we look at our school system? That even our sheriffs were smart enough to drop out of. We are beng robbed and there are few directions we could shoot, without helping our cause. I'm not saying we should drown our public sector in a bathtub. I'm saying we should throw them a rubber duck.  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #4)

Grants Pass, OR

Immigrant Amnesty - Grants Pass, OR

I hauled Salvadotans for nuns. To freedom from Reagan's assassins. Now our immigrants are H1Bs? with connections or the money to buy in. To cheat a college graduate of the job that could help them repay that huge loan. Few are qualified at anything but common thievery. Our policies keep a lid on the poorer brothers of those who escape to our shores. We are a relief valve for continuing social injustice on foreign shores. No immigration should be tolerated. None.  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #50)

Grants Pass, OR

Marijuana - Grants Pass, OR

I was fourteen years old in 1959. The year that my friends at The VA Hospital in Roseburg started me on marijuana in hopes I'd bulk up enough that my classmates didn't kill me. And I did. I'm into my fiftythird year, and now on prescribed Marinol. I have only known for six years that what was killing me was radiation absorbed before birth, at Hanford Nuclear. And, that the others like me, who received settetments and care, are dead. I am the last man standing. Marijuana did that. The warning that accompanies my prescribed marijuana is, "Exercise caution while driving". But, if you think lawyer dope is expensive, you should forget about doctor dope.  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #128)

Grants Pass, OR

Public Sector Safety

Where do we go from here? This is an interesting look at democracy in action. We, through our votes, have elected to forego most of the services of our local crimihal justice system. I think with good cause. This doesn't seem to have hampered the pot witch hunt, but maybe there are some federal bucks being snagged there. What it does seem to have hampered is the easy access of the unqualified, to employment by us, through connections to? And at wages most of us would drool over. Our law enforcement are the guys you were happy to see drop out of school. "Smart guy, huh?". They have it in for you, and hold no regard for truth, justice, and The American way. These aren't "white hat" types. These are the guys who will consent to anything asked of them. What is being asked of them now, is insurrection against the country that you and I are citizens of. Our sheriff's association with the mining community is a simple ruse to cover for the return of the chainsaws to our forests "The Feds have no auhtority" states Sheriff Gilbertson. Gilbertson and other sheriffs, near and far, are being showered with non-profit foundation funds out of a Roseburg timberman's treason slush fund. We awake to the sirens of clean shaven, fresh minted highway patrolmen. Dispatched by Governor Kitzhaber to keep the miracle alive. The miracle of us believing that we need to spend ourselves into poverty, for what amounts to private army, serving the interests of the wealthy for the crumbs that might fall their way. We should look now at DAs and Judges, who serve the same interests, at our expense. And, locally, that would be all of them. Our legislature is looking at imposing a speshul tax on us, to support the sumptuous visions of the suddenly idled. An income tax that will fall hardest on their own supporters, and may force me to drive a short distance. The vote on the levy seemed to indicate that a little over half of us are happy with our situation, at 58 cents per. And, a little less than that number,depend on money bled from us. Stay tuned, for this is where it starts and ends. Either we are Americans with the rights of Americans. Or citizens of Jefferson State saluting a swastika. And, our "Just Us" system is not in our corner. They are in a pocket.  (Jun 3, 2013 | post #1)