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Sep 27, 2007

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Mountain City, TN

Someone burning drug lab chems on Morefield Rd?

Yep, this topix forum is the right place to report it. Yep, yep, yep. Uh-huh.  (Saturday Nov 11 | post #2)

Mountain City, TN

Seriously? "Jews"?

I "threw it into the conversation" merely as a descriptor of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of towns of which Mountain City is merely one and, therefore, is not "uniqueWell, Humpty, outside of a courtroom, there's no requirement that your opinion comport with definitions of English words. "unique 1. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics: a unique copy of an ancient manuscript. 2. having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable" http://www.diction que?s=tNor, it appears, will my citing of facts and definitionsIt may bring you comfort to know that I've met lots of people who find it off-putting when I refute their assertions by citing facts or challenge them to substantiate their assertions. And they, too, often choose to stop conversing with me when I do that.  (Oct 15, 2017 | post #12)

Mountain City, TN

Seriously? "Jews"?

1. Towns aren't "included " in the register, properties are. 2. "Almost every county in the United States has at least one place listed in the National Register". [https://www.nps.g ov/nr/about.htm] 3. You are, of course, free to make whatever topic you wish YOUR topic of choice. My choice is your claim that Mountain City is unique. 4. Whatever the elevation of Mountain City's valley and how that elevation compares to the rest of Tennessee's valleys' elevations, "one of" doesn't constitute uniqueness.  (Oct 15, 2017 | post #9)

Mountain City, TN

Seriously? "Jews"?

I'll pursue your tangent. Mountain City is "unique" ? Other than "unique" as in "You're unique, just like everyone else", in what sense is Mountain City unique? As opposed to, say, "Very similar to every other small town in a rural area that is dominated by fundamentalist Christians"?  (Oct 14, 2017 | post #2)

Mountain City, TN

Parkdale jobs cost

What???? A Tomahawk article with no substance, just fluff and Happy Talk? I'm shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you. And how about this inconsistency: "the increase in technology has meant that the production quantities that previously took 2,000 employees to produce could now be completed with the 401 employees at the Mountain City plant" vs "Currently Parkdale employees [sic] over 450 people". So which is it, 401 or "over 450". For more superficial fluff, see The Tomahawk's sister paper [http://www.johnso ernment/2017/10/08 /Haslam-celebrates -Parkdale-plant-ex pansion-in-Johnson -County.html?ci=st ream&lp=3& p=1]. This article cites the Feb. 2015 announcement that Parkdale would be adding 80 new jobs, but it doesn't say boo about how many new jobs have actually been added. Nor does either paper touch on the issue of how many current and new employees are actually residents of Johnson County.  (Oct 12, 2017 | post #2)

Mountain City, TN

Electoral college must go

Long posting because "Boonelocal's " posting oversimplifiesQUOT E who="Booneloc al "] ... if you are in Cali, or NY or the other 15 or so States that always goes blue, any vote other than Dem, is basically a protest vote. The same could be said if you are in TN, TX,UT, MT, or any other red state and you vote for any thing other than Republican. Your vote doesn't count! Your vote doesn't not count. Abolish the electoral college![/QUOTE] Clearly, your vote counts no matter where you vote. If you and those who vote as you do "lose", that means simply that you got outvoted. If y'all "win", that means simply that those who voted other than how you did got outvoted. Your votes all count in any event. What could be more "democratic " than that? Besides, whatever "we as a country" means, believing in democracy doesn't make the US a democracy. The US has a constitution that is/was supposed to prevent tyrannical majoritarianism. That's why the states all have same number of senators: to keep more populous states from running roughshod over the less populous states. The "electoral college" works similarly, though it has been bastardized by "populist " and "progressive " forces (as has direct popular election of senators). You were supposed to vote for electors whom you considered wise, knowledgeable, honest, patriotic, sober, yada yada yada and THEY were supposed to elect a president and vice president. The "college " was a deliberate speed bump to keep government from being taken over by the general populace, aka the ignorant, impassioned rabble. Presidents weren't supposed to be directly elected by simple majorities or, worse, pluralities of the voters. If you want to reinject some democratic principles into the presidential election process, get rid of "winner take all" rules -- in both the primaries and the general election -- in which the guy who gets the most votes gets ALL the votes. Instead, if you get 40% of the primary/caucus/wha tever votes, you get 40% of the delegates and the other candidates get the same proportion of delegates as their proportion of the votes cast. Same for the general election: you get 40% of the vote in a state, you get 40% of that state's electors in the "college ". AND get rid of naming "winner" anybody who didn't get 50%+1 of the vote. Hold runoffs until one candidate ends up with a majority instead of just a plurality. Apply that process to every race on every ballot: prez, senator, rep, governor, state sen/rep, mayor, sheriff, ... THAT would keep elections that are SUPPOSED to be democratic/majorit arian from being merely pluralism, aka tyranny of the MINORITY.  (Oct 8, 2017 | post #10)

Mountain City, TN

JEWTube hides videos showing 2nd vegas shooter

I could be wrong, I s'pose, but I'm pretty sure these posts aren't coming from multiple anti-semitic persons but rather from multiple posting names being used by the same person.  (Oct 8, 2017 | post #3)

Mountain City, TN


Ice boy (emphasis on "boy") provides a link to a voter record for Stephen Paddock in Boca Raton. http://www.orlando nationworld/os-who -is-stephen-paddoc k-las-vegas-1002-s tory.html says "Stephen Paddock may have come to Central Florida after living in Texas". And "After moving from Viera in Brevard County, Stephen Paddock became a resident of Mesquite, Nevada". https://www.cbsnew as-shooting-stephe n-paddock-what-we- know-about-gunman/ says "was listed at an address in Melbourne, Florida, from 2013 to 2015." I checked my map and I don't see how Boca Raton could be considered "central " Florida. Nor is it anywhere near Viera or Melbourne. What do your sources say? But here's the clincher: The shooter was Stephen Craig Paddock. http://www.orlando nationworld/os-who -is-stephen-paddoc k-las-vegas-1002-s tory.html Ice boy's link is to a voter record for a Stephen G Paddock. This mope just is not to be believed, no matter which name he is posting under.  (Oct 5, 2017 | post #10)

Mountain City, TN


Nice try, you logorrheic [http://www.dictio gorrhea] psychopath. Your Stephen Paddock is 66 and lives in Florida, per the link YOU posted. The Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was 64 and lived in Nevada. [http://www.slate. com/blogs/the_slat est/2017/10/02/mas s_shooting_reporte d_at_a_music_festi val_in_las_vegas.h tml?wpsrc=newslett er_slatest&sid =596253cc15dd96933 48bba56] http://www.slate.c om/blogs/the_slate st/2017/10/02/mass _shooting_reported _at_a_music_festiv ml?wpsrc=newslette r_slatest&sid= 596253cc15dd969334 8bba56 https://www.washin the-fix/wp/2017/10 /02/terrorism-or-n ot-las-vegas-reign ites-a-real-and-re ally-important-deb ate/?utm_term=.8f5 7b3fe0cde&wpis rc=nl_fix&wpmm =1 https://www.usatod nation/2017/10/02/ las-vegas-shooting /722191001/?csp=br eakingnews You soooo remind me of your president, Trump, (not to mention politicians in general): keep repeating BS 'cause SOMEbody will believe it.  (Oct 3, 2017 | post #4)

Mountain City, TN

Connor Icenhour

Heard"? Is that a step up or a step down from "I read it on the internet"? Or is it at the very bottom, along with "Trump said" and "I saw it on a restroom stall wall"?  (Sep 27, 2017 | post #35)

Mountain City, TN

How too be smarter ..

You attribute to me powers and abilities far beyond the reality. Or it may be that you just confuse me with someone else you don't like. Besides, surf around other threads in this forum and you will find scads of posts that criticize me. True, they are almost all written by imbeciles like "Southern Hick" (and his numerous aliases). But they are numerousNopeNopeNo pe. Have never posted on Topix using any name besides "Iknowhimwell Yep, but not "to generate hits and increase revenueNever. Not even once.  (Sep 25, 2017 | post #8)

Mountain City, TN

How too be smarter ..

Not to mention "How too be smarter".  (Sep 24, 2017 | post #3)

Mountain City, TN


Were you born so stupid that you would look for reliable information in this forum or did you have to study to become that stupid?  (Sep 23, 2017 | post #3)

Mountain City, TN

I have concluded that "Southern Hick"...

and his myriad aliases on beaucoup topics in this Mountain City forum is actually a bot written by someone for whom English is a second -- or maybe even third -- language. The native language of this bot's author appears to be Chinese Restaurant Menu, as in "Copy phrases from Column A, then Column B, then Column C".  (Sep 16, 2017 | post #1)

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