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Sep 2, 2012

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Jackson, OH


So, if you're old enough, I can assume Grand Wizard Trump has your vote?  (May 15, 2016 | post #18)

Wellston, OH

who is hiring in wellston?

General Mills has hired lately. Of course, you have to be over eighteen, have graduated high school, be able to pass some tests, not be a complete idiot, and be drug-free since they drug test, not only when hiring but also randomly afterwards.  (May 15, 2016 | post #7)

Wellston, OH

General mills

Line 4 works the twelve-hour shifts. It's my understanding that they alternate their schedule so you work four days one week and three the next, back and forth. Line 1 and 2 are eight-hour shifts working six and sometimes seven days. Snacks 3 is much the same, though I don't know if they have alternative scheduling, whereby each employee is guaranteed a particular day of the week off. Snacks 1 and 2 just went down for the next six weeks but they were also working six and seven days, eight-hour shifts.  (May 15, 2016 | post #3)

Wellston, OH

Vote For Trump

No. I'm not a five-year-old and my IQ is above 75, so I don't fit into his target demographic. He's all talk and none of his supporters are intelligent enough to catch onto it. He might just as well be talking about having a thriving colony on Mars by 2020 or promising a fully-functional time machine within his first two years of office. That sounds lovely but nobody of any respectable intellect will buy into that nonsense. He's not even a particularly successful businessman, with a list of failures under his belt, and financial experts have been critical of how he's handled his money as he could have done much more with it than what he has. Beyond having a bunch of his family's fortune, he has absolutely nothing going for him. There's absolutely nothing qualifying him for any major political office, and he has less knowledge of the political arena and running a country than the average bumpkin staring blankly at Fox News while shoveling Lucky Charms into their dumb faces. I can't think of a less-qualified candidate in the past several decades.  (May 15, 2016 | post #14)

Jackson, OH


Just read product reviews online. ItWorks products Don'tWork. They're modern day snake oil. If nonsense products like fat burners and carb blockers did anything, doctors would recommend them to their patients, but they don't do anything, and customer reviews from people that actually bought and tried them report that they do nothing.  (Mar 20, 2016 | post #22)

Jackson, OH


There's a lot of homophobia here. One might wonder if people so offended by homosexuals are perhaps uncomfortable because of insecurity about homosexual thoughts they're personally dealing with.  (Mar 20, 2016 | post #8)

Jackson, OH


I was never impressed by any food I got there. I never really personally had any trouble with service, but the food was so... meh. I knew people from work that acted like it's amazing but I haven't yet found anything remotely amazing there.  (Mar 20, 2016 | post #10)

Jackson, OH

Haunted Deemer House? Devils Tea Cups?

On a related note, there's no such thing as a haunted anything. There's no such thing as ghosts. If one sets their personal beliefs aside, steps back, and views the notion rationally, they'll find that the whole concept makes no scientific sense. "But science doesn't have the answer to everything." I don't mean "no scientific sense" as in it doesn't line up with our current understanding, but rather the principle that there's a way the universe works, and ghosts fly in the face of the fundamental workings of the universe. The universe works a certain way and ghosts contradict how it works.  (Mar 20, 2016 | post #16)

Jackson, OH

Vote For Donald Trump

I cannot vote for Trump because he's a massive bigot and I cannot support bigotry. In the past I had friends that turned out to be massive bigots and they're not my friends now, and that's how it's going to stay. There's few things more worthless than a bigot. Besides that, fact-checking organizations have found Trump to be the most dishonest of all the major presidential hopefuls, with not just more dishonest statements than his rivals but a huge number of them aren't just truth-twisting but plain pants-on-fire lies. Then there's his utter lack of qualification, as running businesses doesn't at all translate to Presidential skills. "But, he's a successful businessman that..." No, he inherited a ton of money and converted it into a larger amount of money, which millions of Americans could also have done had they also inherited fortunes to play with, and financial experts have pointed out that Trump actually could have done more with his inherited wealth had he used it more wisely, not to mention that a lot of his business ventures were flops. I'm not particularly thrilled about the other folks, either, but as a decent human being I can't support a massive bigot like Grand Wizard Trump. However, he is going to be our next President no matter what, so I guess I need to start practicing chanting "White power!" White power! White power! White power! White power! See, Lord Trump? I get it. I know I'm part of the master race. Please don't deport me.  (Mar 20, 2016 | post #25)

Wellston, OH

American Revolutionary War

Do any uneducated rightwing wingnuts know anything about how the government actually works? Fun facts: 1) The current administration hasn't done anything that other administrations haven't done before. While retarded Republicans have complained about stuff like executive orders, previous administrations like Bush have used them just the same. You just didn't hear Fox News ranting about them because it's fine when Republicans do it. 2) If the current administration had done something in violation of federal laws, he'd be impeached for it. He hasn't. 3) Our freedoms haven't been restricted any further than they've already been. Nothing has happened regarding guns that have done anything to limit my freedom to own or purchase them. I still own guns and can still go out and get more if I wish to do so. 4) At one point, Fox News and Republicans were praising a communist (Putin) for being a strong leader and just doing whatever he wants and criticizing Obama for not doing the same. When Obama does the same, they turn around and criticize him for doing what they said they wanted him to do.  (Jan 14, 2016 | post #33)

Wellston, OH

why do we even have a firedepartment

Feel free to elaborate at any time.  (Jan 14, 2016 | post #8)

Wellston, OH


Women do the same thing nearly as frequently. That's not an assumption or a belief but a statistical fact.  (Jan 14, 2016 | post #7)

Jackson, OH

moving out of jackson

In terms of quality-of-life ratings, you're better off moving to north Atlantic states. In terms of climate, the central heartland states suck out loud because they're colder than Ohio in the winter and in warmer weather have lots more tornadoes, the Gulf and lower Atlantic states have hurricanes, all of the south has more venomous critters, and California has landslides and wildfires galore and earthquakes.  (Dec 24, 2015 | post #6)

Jackson, OH

G mills

You'll have to wait a while. They're completely changing all of their pizza lines from round to rectangle pizzas because they're more efficient (round pizzas comes with a lot of empty space in square boxes) and this change means completely replacing packout for all three lines. This process is making the system more efficient and requires fewer people. Consequently, they need fewer employees than what they have. You'll need to wait until after the transition period and everything dies down before there's a chance at being hired on. This transition period will continue for several more months.  (Dec 24, 2015 | post #3)

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