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Oct 3, 2009

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When will the king formally and plainly speak?

There is a growing anger among a lot of Moroccans at the continuing silence of the king regarding their legitimate and urgent demands for real reforms and how the country is being run. They have every right to feel so as they have not been treated with respect. It seems so far that the king has not taken any clear action and this could be costly for the monarchy. Silence is not always golden especially at this historic time . The king has a duty to address the nation and tell his subjects what he is planning to do. The too small,but with too big power, king of Jordan is being clever and has conceded that absolute autocracy is no longer an option. The ruler of Bahrain is at least trying helplessly to bribe his own people into giving up their demands.The despot of Arabia,naturally outlawed,any peaceful protests.They have all spoken and it is time for the king of Morocco to break the silence.Your Majesty, your subjects need you to speak now.  (Mar 8, 2011 | post #1)

Is there any Arab billionaire for a good cause?

Seeing American billionaires donating half of their fortune to charity proves that they are humans and have a heart after all.It is a lot of money they are giving away and they are going to make a lot of difference in a lot of people's lives.Will Arab billionaires do the same and make some of their own people's life worth living?  (Aug 9, 2010 | post #1)

Morocco: Where Some People are More Equal than Others

You ignorant racist have contributed NOUGHT to this forum.You are a disgrace to proud ,educated amazighs who are fighting for their identity and culture along with other Moroccans.Do yourself a big favour and piss off,you mentally retarded piece of shit!  (Jun 8, 2010 | post #8)

Morocco: Where Some People are More Equal than Others

The king needs to listen to his subjects and fire this gangster minister.Monarchy is for all Moroccans and the king should have axed or at least suspended the minister and investigated the incident.The bottom line is that no Moroccans should be above the law.This is a massive opportunity for the Monarchy to send out a loud and clear message that abusing power or a postion will no longer be tolerated.Remaining silent upon this extremely important incident is seen as condoning the perpetrator's actions and can only lead to diminishing Moroccans's belief in their monarchy.  (Jun 4, 2010 | post #2)

Let us talk about politics

King Mohammed VI is loved and respected by most of his subjects which was not the case with late King HassanII.Moroccan government is derided and despised by most ordinary Moroccans because it is ineffective and incompetent.Moroccan politicians blame the Monarchy for reigning and ruling leaving the government weak and Moroccans see politicians as a bunch of corrupted ,selfish individuals who do not care about the country pressing problems:poverty,corruption and illiteracy.Does monarchy needs to reform itself to allow for a government to be answerable,not to the king ,but to Moroccans first.Or do politicians need to be clean and have a great deal of integrity.What do you think?  (May 15, 2010 | post #1)

Any positive marriage stories to Moroccan men?

Are you being defensive? This is not going to help you at all.God gave people a brain but you are not one of them judging by you have been writing here about Moroccans.Every individual has the right to express themselves but not offending other people.If you had a beautiful childhood,then you will not be splashing your unacceptable ,rude and overtly xenophobic rubbish in this forum.It just shows you have been having a hard time growing up and you were lonely with no one to talk to .But alot of people overcome that and go on to turn things round and end up achieving and shining.You are definitely not in this category.How on earth,you end up with despicable and loathsome views,I do not know.But I do know that your pea size brain stopped developping at a very early stage  (Apr 11, 2010 | post #2311)

All Arab Prostitutes in UK R Moroccan

What a f****** moron! judging by your name ,your father or mother or both must be illegitimate offspring of one my granfathers who fought with Dictator Franco at the civil war and because they did so well ,he awarded them with plenty of birds to chill out with .That is how your father or mother or both most probably accidentally came to this world. Now both my grandpas passed away. For more details you need to log on Genes and put your family name and it may get somewhere,you f****** racist tosser  (Apr 11, 2010 | post #106)

Any positive marriage stories to Moroccan men?

Dumb bear,or gummybear. I have few questions for you and please be honest:how was your childhood? were you a happy child and did your parents love you. The reason Iam asking you is because childhood does,whether we like or not,affect us all our life. I hope I don not sound like a shrink but it very important to cotextualize what you are saying here and hopefully have a better understanding of yourself.So far ,you have been a complete disaster as you are utterly useless.  (Apr 10, 2010 | post #2308)

Any positive marriage stories to Moroccan men?

Try to be philosophical about it,if that makes sense.I always like the saying :"one is to know suffering before they to become great"  (Apr 9, 2010 | post #2304)

Any positive marriage stories to Moroccan men?

Dear Sandra, I have a lot sympathy for your situation.It is very traumatic for you and hopefully this will not affect the beautiful little boy.A lot of women go on to become fantastic single parents but hope you find true love soon so that you can get your life back on track.I hate to say this again,you do not have to be on a vendetta mission.Do not shoot indescriminately.D o not be ruled by your heart.I know you are hurting but try to come through this sanely for the sake of your son.If your ex was not honest with you ,believe me he will pay a heavy price.I saw it happening .It is common knowledge Internet dating is not a place to find a western wife or any wife.It is a place for desperates and will never work.Full stop.I hope I do not sound harsh but I want you start seeing beyond the gloom as life is too short for that .  (Apr 9, 2010 | post #2302)

Any positive marriage stories to Moroccan men?

I donot think you have some grasp of this aspect of Moroccan society.F Mernissi and P Bowles attempts to uncover this extremly intricate component dated back to the sixties and the seventies of the last century.My undrestanding of what you have been writing here is that Islam and core values of Moroccan society are behind the patriarchal dominance over women and hence their predicament.The examples that you gave about other religions and sects to justify your claim are by association only and do not relate to the mainstream Islam in Morocco.Most Moroccan people are moderate Sunni Muslims.Because of its geography, Moroccans are open to the West but their roots are well Eastern.A lot of gays ,saudi and whoever come to Morocco mostly because it is open.(It is sunny and the food is sublime as well!)Most Moroccan treat women with respect and dignity .Women are not seen a sexual object as that ignorant Rachid said somewhere above.Fighting or equal rights is a noble cause and Islam does not oppose that.But what Islam does oppose is permissiveness and moral deterioration.As somone who has been living in England for a while ,it is worrying to see how teenagers in Britain have become in the last ten years just because social boundaries have disappeared.It is scary when you have children and make your job as a parent more challenging. Yes ,it is unfortunate that your relationship a Moroccan didnot work and a lot of bi-cultural relationships do not work.But a lot of them work.One of them is mine and has been working for over 10 years now and yes children are involved .  (Apr 7, 2010 | post #2297)

Any positive marriage stories to Moroccan men?

Sandra, It is hard when a relationship breaks down.It is even harder when children are involved.It is ridiculous to conclude that Moroccans have a problem with sex and sexuality just because you married a Moroccan.Yes the subject is a taboo one in the family. This a cultural aspect of a Morocco with over a thousand years of history.It is pathetic to call yourself an educated individual and still generalize .Why do not look at yourself in retrospective and you may probably realise that you were also part of the breakdown.It is easy to blame your ex husband but that is not fair.All I can see from what you have been writing here is a predisposed,stereo typal ,rigid attitude towards a different culture.The bottom line is that your marriage to a particular Moroccan broke down because you were not prepared to see beyond your nose .And your son is what he is ,so do not cut him off from his other roots.  (Apr 6, 2010 | post #2290)

Why Moroccans like to travel to Israel.

I am finding hard to understand this report,Mr Karim.I do not know which source language you have translated it from,but one thing is clear ,the translation is poor.Assuming that I have understood this report right,I can comment that the percentage out of the whole Moroccan population who "like to travel to Israel" is insignificant and does not need inflation! Do not forget,for Moroccans , one of the holiest mosque in the Muslim world is in Jerusalem,that alone could explain the visit to Israel  (Dec 8, 2009 | post #3)

Breaking up with Moroccan man

Habibi, I am Mr nobody ! I m not judging anybody and that is not my interest.But what I do not appreciate is using unsuitable language to deal with an issue especially coming from someone as ignorant and defenseless as that turtle shagger, saudibigshot.That is all  (Dec 8, 2009 | post #69)

Breaking up with Moroccan man

Abou Firass, I do not appreciate that you are addressing me in this disrespectful way.I am Moroccan and proud to be so.I am not from the desert but people from the desert are genuine people who are very welcoming and hardworking .They deserve better than your ignorant, shallow judgement. This is not how you defend your point.what I am trying to say is :If someone is as ignorant as saudibigshot talk about Morocco and Moroccans ,you do not have to go down to his bottomless level. Meaning,you do not have to offend other people by association.By the way,Abou Firass,the poet,should inspire you to write some thing of different level  (Dec 8, 2009 | post #68)