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Apr 20, 2014

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Looking for a writer - help requested

I guess It's not interesting enough.....this story has some very interesting aspects to it......My daughter passed from cancer 3 years ago, questions being asked about safety of the elementary school, after Sandy Hook.. The legal system is involved, heavy media coverage, and one side of the story...I have the other side, and boy is it interesting. Maybe I am just looking for information of how to get started. I am open minded.  (Apr 21, 2014 | post #2)

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Looking for a writer - help requested

I am looking for help of getting this story out. It's about Ron Miller the man from Texas who was recently found innocent of being blamed of terrorizing a school.....This will be the true story. The goal is to recoup some of the legal fees back. Thanks. Ron  (Apr 20, 2014 | post #1)