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Jul 27, 2010

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Who is an atheist?

John and Becky by Del McCray Witness for Jesus the Christ and Holy Ghost Johns father owned a big trailer court at the Plains,Ohio. John worked for the Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. John and Becky had a son 8 years old and a daughter less than one year old...their pride and joy. I invited the family to church BUT, John was a confirmed athiest...every other word was profane, vulgar and demanding. One morning John went to work. Becky had to wash diapers for the baby. It was about 10 a:m and Becky wrung out the diapers to hang on an outside line. It was summertime and warm out and Becky wanted a smoke. The baby was in her crib by Becky's chair and was asleep. Becky laid down her cigarette and when she went to pick it up she couldn't find it. She went outside, hung up the diapers on the clothes line , looked back and there was heavy black smoke rolling out of the trailer door She screamed, went into her trailer and there was no fire, just heavy smoke. Her cigarette had rolled down the chair cushion and down inside the chair. She called the fire Dept but to late..her baby was dead. John came home from work and he and Becky were in extreme grief and anguish. I offered prayer but John refused. A few days later John came to me and he said he would like to think that there is a place called heaven and that his baby was there but there was no God and no such place. I said, hey, wait John, I am not going to pray for you but I am going to ask Jesus to come and pay you a personal visit. I am also going to ask Jesus to bring your baby to you so that you can see her, talk to her and know that she is in good hands with Jesus. He said he was a confirned athiest and no way could that ever happen. Like another man, in 2 days John came running to me overjoyed and in tears and he said, Delbert, He did it! What? He did it! Jesus came to see me, and my daughter was with Him and she was just fine.She is living with Jesus now. One day we will join her and Jesus in heaven. Delbert I want to serve Jesus and so does Becky and we want to go to church with you. They become the most faithful members.gave good gifts and always paid their tithing on time. I had to move away. Thanksgiving came and there was no food on our table. I heard a knock at the door. It was John and Becky. They said Jesus told them to come and find me and they presented us a full course Thanksgiving dinner and I never saw them again, that I can remember...It happend. By Delbert McCray  (Jul 27, 2010 | post #2741)