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Transfer Pictures to iPhone 4S from Computer

We may always meet questions online like this "I have got a lot of wonderful pictures on my computer. Now, I would like to transfer pictures from computer to my iPhone 4S so that I could view the pictures and share these pictures with my friends anytime anywhere. How can I transfer pictures from computer to iPhone 4S? Is there any simple way to do this, I mean, without too many operations? " This has been quite common for mobile device fans, especially for Apple fans. Like people who want to transfer pictures from iPhone 4S to computer or iTunes, there're also a lot of people seeking for the way to sync pictures to iPhone 4S freely and easily. We know that iTunes can help people easily sync files between different iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad. Thus, when talking about transferring pictures from computer to iPhone 4S or other iOS devices, the first choice appearing in our mind is certainly iTunes. However, iTunes could only transfer pictures in iTunes library to iPhone 4S, which means that to transfer pictures to iPhone 4S from computer, you need to firstly move all of your pictures from your computer to iTunes library and then you can sync pictures to iPhone 4S from iTunes. This would be a little bit troublesome. So, is there any easy to use iPhone 4S picture transfer program to easily put pictures to iPhone 4S without the use of iTunes? The answer is absolutely yes. There're a lot of useful iPhone 4S photo transferring apps online for you to choose from. Just take Leawo iPhone 4S picture transfer as an example. This iPhone 4S photo transfer is a powerful data transferring app that can successfully transfer files between all iOS devices, PC and iTunes. This iPhone 4S photo transfer is also very easy to use and sync photos to iPhone 4S from computer. You only need to set the way to import source photos, drag and drop source photo files to the program, then sync photos to iPhone 4S as you like. Of course, you need to connect your iPhone 4S to your computer beforehand. Actually, iTunes could only transfer files between iOS devices and iTunes, while practical iPhone 4S picture transfer apps can easily transfer photos between iOS devices, iTunes, computer and none-iOS devices quickly. If you only want to sync files between iOS devices and iTunes, iTunes is the first choice. But if you want to transfer files between more devices, it's strongly recommended you use licensed file transferring apps. How to Transfer Photos from computer to iPhone 4S http://www.leawo.c om/knowledge/trans fer-pictures-to-ip hone-4s.html iPhone Photo transfer http://www.leawo.c om/imediago/ The video on transferring photos to iPhone 4S .com/watch?v=lDVtL pWWjrs  (Aug 14, 2012 | post #1)

Science / Technology

Rip FLAC to MP3 Format for HTC One V Audio Track Satisfac...

Have you ever before experience this type of scenario: you put in your main time on seeking your favorite music yet the sound origins you found are all in FLAC audio formats? Being an sound format with no reduction in output quality, FLAC provides us a great compromise between the huge dimension yet superior quality of uncompressed songs files and tiny yet not pretty superb compressed MP3 audio or AAC format. Talking about the HTC One V mobile phone, everyone knows that it's packed with superb Beats Audio technological innovation, that could flawlessly behave as the mp3 music player to display the near proximity to audio CD quality of sound with files in FLAC file format. Even though FLAC consists of CD-quality file, FLAC is far too huge and even unreadable by virtually all current transportable products. HTC One V is definitely an illustration of such a device. Through the HTC official statement, HTC One V is in aid of audio tracks enjoyment such as MP3, WAV, AAC, yet FLAC audio track format isn't the provided one. If you wish to execute a FLAC to HTC One V enjoyment, possibly you have to rip FLAC to HTC One V suitable sound format just like MP3. In order to get the FLAC electric songs enjoyable on HTC One V, you have to convert FLAC to HTC One V MP3 sound format. Listed here are 2 applications which can easily assist you accomplish that. When you are utilizing Win Computer, you could employ an expert software known as FLAC to MP3 converting tool to allow you finish the FLAC to MP3 rip together with an easy-to-use interface as well as a fast operating speed. For those masses who're operating with a Mac Computer, you are able to place Leawo FLAC to MP3 converting tool for Mac into Search engines to discover an origin. Down below are fundamental steps provided for the guide. First of all, while you open the FLAC to MP3 converting tool, simply carry in FLAC audio files to application interface. In addition, you are able to carry out the FLAV addition through pressing application "Add Video" icon. Next, to undertake the FLAC to HTC One V songs enjoy, you have to slide to Profile box to choose MP3 as being the output format. Finally, convert FLAC to HTC One V suitable MP3 music format with top quality through clicking on base-right Convert icon. Right after transformation, you are able to move FLAC to HTC One V for unlimited play as well as enjoyment. The ideal audio quality is broadly viewed as the largest highlight of HTC One V, that you hardly ever see in some other mobile phones. For those who have currently obtained a HTC One V mobile phone, why don't you tag this short article as being your right arm for long term utilize? How to Convert FLAC to MP3 http://www.leawo.c om/knowledge/flac- to-htc-one-v-mp3.h tml FLAC to MP3 converter http://www.leawo.c om/leawo-video-con verter/ The video from Youtube about how to convert FLAC to HTC One V .com/watch?v=N5MyK kvsSEY  (Jul 23, 2012 | post #1)

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Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac CNET first release wins a g...

It's been four days ever since the initial launch of Leawo Blu Ray Creator for Mac on CNET, All of us are excited to learn that the initial collaboration between leawo as well as CNET has gained a huge success. According to the current announcement from Leawo official resources that the initial launch of Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac on CNET web page makes the latest software occuppied the total prominent position in Blu-ray Creator for Mac products and solutions. Although the particular graph is actually not completed yet, All of us observed that it broke a record by netting around 1 million downloads in the 1st day it was for sale, and since then it has already been down loaded above 1 million times constantly everyday. Because of the effective features, awesome graphical user interface, along with the lowest price, this wonderful Blu-ray Creator for Mac will surely be regarded as a ideal victor amid all the congeneric softwares. It is known that the every day sales has achieved $100, 000, resulting in a big miracle in the record of CNET web page. On hearing this, there is no reason not to ever think that this brand new product can truly offers us with anything artistic and useful. It comes with the functionality to satisfy our demands. We found that variety of excellent opinions coming from a lot of people who definitely have down loaded it for a trying on its comprehensive features. There are actually individuals who initially suspect about its amazing features to transform and rip all normal and High-definition films to Blu-ray/DVD with higher quality on Macintosh personal computers. Nevertheless following checking many formats films on the particular best Bluray Burning software for Mac, they definitely like this specific amazing newly launched Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac. In accordance with the words stated by a young lady who is definitely a great Blu-ray/DVD fan, this completely new software has permitted her to opt for anyone of the particular 40+ frees tactic as well as variable Blu-ray/DVD menu templates fantastically. And she is actually much more happy to carry out her unique personalised templates design and style by taking benefit of the efficient "Design Menu" icon it presented. All of us are generally all sincerely surprised by the particular fantastic function of transforming 2D video to 3 dimensional Blu-ray/DVD. It ought to be a very good selection for people like us to delight in our popular videos on several 3 dimensional types as we like through Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, and Interleaved. For folks who enjoy in 3 dimensional videos, it truly is unquestionably a amazing vision effect. It's no suspect that we seem to be all fascinated by its effective cropping and editing characteristics that involve clipping a completely new film segment, cutting a completely new video measurement, revolving video for unique direction, altering video visual effect, putting image or text watermark, and so on. after trying, many of us believe this wonderful Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac is certainly the Blu-ray/DVD creation product we're looking for. This CNET web page formally launched Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac has now attracted plenty of special attentions amongst individuals. It wins the great success and is confirmed to be the ideal Mac Blu-ray Creator ever in history. It has occupied the leading position amongst the similar softwares and definately will go on to generally be the greatest selling Blu-ray Creator for Mac on CNET web site. Leawo Bluray Creator for Mac http://www.leawo.c om/blu-ray-creator -mac/ Leawo Bluray Creator for Mac CNET ay-Creator/3000-18 554_4-75744582.htm l?part=dl-&sub j=dl&tag=butto n How to use Leawo Bluray Creator for Mac .com/watch?v=IQ9cO K8bONU  (Jul 17, 2012 | post #1)

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Great Tips concerning How to Transcode and Watch DVD Movi...

Being the first smartphone to come equipped with an Intel Atom processor based on their Medfield technology, the XOLO X900 is a simple and neat product that is also quite lightweight. Full specs for the phone includes a 4-inch LCD with a 1024*600 resolution, single-core 1. 6Ghz Atom Z2460 with Hyper Threading, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and an eight megapixel video camera capable of 1080p video recording. It's not the slimmest phone at 10. 99mm, and the battery can't be removed either, but it's running Android 2. 3. 6 and is otherwise comparable to most smartphones shipping today. For a large proportion of video buff, the LAVA XOLO X900 will not disappoint you with its exceptional performance in communicating or digital entertainment. Its large high pixels screen is quite enough for mobile DVD watching. As we all know, DVD has a high ranking as our best video resource that offers us high definition picture quality and multi-subtitles for choosing and many video admirers tends to watch DVD movies on portable devices like XOLO X900. However, nearly all handsets are not in support of DVD video format due to no DVD-ROM included, so how to convert DVD to XOLO X900 compatible video format for enjoyment? To play DVD on Xolo X900, you need to work out an ideal DVD to video transcoding programs for XOLO X900 and other mobile phones. Once including no clue to make use of what kind of software, you can search online and surely, most of pros will suggest you to use Leawo DVD to XOLO X900 Converter to easily rip and rip DVD to XOLO X900 recognized files. You can download and install this smart DVD to XOLO X900 converter and take a reference on below hassle-free instruction to gain more knowledge on ripping DVD to XOLO X900. 1. When starting Leawo DVD to XOLO X900 Converter, click "Load DVD" icon to import DVD video you want to view on handsets to program list. 2. To play DVD on Xolo X900, you need to pick up the suitable video format like MPEG4 on Profile drop-down list as the output. 3. On the last part, simply click Convert icon to commence to transfer DVD to XOLO X900 supported video formats. The availability of LAVA XOLO X900 marks the beginning of a new era in mobile computing as Intel joins the smartphone chip-space. Being interested in this LAVA XOLO X900 mobile, do not hesitate to buy it for high definition Dvd video enjoyment! The method about ripping DVD to XOLO X900 (from leawo) http://www.leawo.c om/knowledge/dvd-t o-xolo-x900.html The Ripper tool we use is DVD to XOLO x900 Converter http://www.leawo.c om/dvd-ripper/  (Jul 5, 2012 | post #1)

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How to Restore Videos and Pictures from Kingston Memory C...

"How could I recover photos from Kingston memory card employing a Mac PC. Basically USB provides for a important part within my everyday activity for saving all my own filmed videos along with photographs. Nonetheless, a day once i linked my own Kingston Memory Card to my own brand-new Mac computer, a clue message arises to imply me that all data within that USB can not be examined and demands to be formatted essentially. I rarely ever back up any sort of data of the data files then when browsing on the web to get for the restoration resolutions, several individuals advise me to employ a Mac Kingston memory card data recovery software. Nonetheless, countless software programs in such sort are presented on the web, how could I discover the top one and is there anyone who have ever before completed that digital data restore activity offers me several ideas? " As is well known to all, bit by bit, most of us emphasis our eyes on Hardware equipment which is useful to save important contents. In case you take place to be the one made up of the tradition of storing all contents on Kingston Memory Card, I do believe that wrongly contents erase will usually happen in your everyday activity. Wanting to know the way to recover videos from Kingston memory card and also get back photographs from that Hardware product? If yes, come with me and go through more! Totally, many Mac Kingston Memory Card Data Restoring application are introduced on the web, and not all could fit your own requirements effectively on data getting back. As being a specialist in that area, Leawo Data Recovery for Mac is definitely the sole one I have to advise, which can not just behaves as a photograph recovering software to recover photos from Kingston memory card but in addition functions as a video restoring program to regain all removed movies from Kingston Memory Card. It doesn't matter what kinds of info must be restored like music, movies, photos, this intelligent software owns the capacity gaining the repairing process flawlessly. So now, you could start to download, set up and also work this specific Kingston memory card data recovery for Mac on your hard drive, next use it to begin important computer data restoration right away! Below is the information to restore details from Kingston Memory Card: 1. As beginning that data recovering software, a application windowpane is going to show up for you to mouse click the "Photo" or "Video" tab and also simultaneously pick up the Kingston hard drive to start the content restoration activity. 2. When all deleted files are examined with victory, you'll be able to acquire an photograph observe with built-in viewer to validate which photographs must be restored back. Next, use "Recovery " function to recover videos from Kingston memory card, or bring back photographs from that USB. Merely with 2 steps, your details repairing activity is finished. Really easy, right? Please do not stop to make the best of this specialist regaining software! Source http://www.leawo.c om/knowledge/recov er-photo-video-fro m-kingston-memory- card.html Data recovery http://www.leawo.c om/data-recovery-m ac/ Guide .com/watch?v=GNRLv 6uB19Q  (Jun 28, 2012 | post #1)

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How to Burn FLV to DVD Disc?

Generally where can we get FLV files? When browsing through some famous video sharing websites like YouTube, Google Video, you will find that the videos on these public sites are almost in FLV formats. When downloading videos from these sites, you probably get FLV video files. How can we play these downloaded FLV files on Tv? Apart from playing FLV files on local computer, it is also convenient to enjoy the downloaded FLV files on Tv by a DVD player. The only thing needed to do is to convert FLV to DVD files. Generally speaking, making DVDs can maintain even improve video and audio quality while FLV video files quality is not quite good. What you need when burn YouTube video to DVD? 1. You can use a YouTube downloader to get FLV videos from YouTube, and then employ a DVD creator to burn downloaded movies to DVD. 2. Also, it is essential to get some DVD Discs for backup. Below are guide steps to burn YouTube video to DVD by utilizing Leawo DVD Creator. Step 1: Free to download and install FLV to DVD Converter Both Win and Mac versions are offered for different operation system. You can install this program depending on your computer system, and then be ready for conversion. Step 2: Import FLV videos to this FLV to DVD Converter Click Add Video button, and then imported videos are listed one by one. It is available to rearrange the FLV to DVD video conversion order and download on-line videos for converting. Step 3: Optionally edit these FLV to DVD files When entering into Edit panel, some features are listed in the screen including trim, crop, effect and watermark. You can optionally use these functions to enrich your visual effect. Step 4: Set menu template Various DVD menu templates are available for your options, such as Standard, Business, Education, Holiday etc. Under each option there are many sub templates, from which you can select one for use. Additionally, template preview can be viewed on the right side and background music can be added to DVD files as well. Step 5: Make more settings for DVD creation While getting into the Burn to DVD panel, some necessary settings for creation can be made. You can choose to burn 001 folder or ISO Image and TV standards are bases on your option. Step 6: burn downloaded movies to DVD format Press Burn Now button to start to burn FLV to DVD, and the burning time depends on your video size. After the conversion, you can easily play FLV files on DVD player with vivid images and luxury sound. Source http://www.leawo.c om/dvd/flv-to-dvd. html DVD Creator http://www.leawo.c om/dvd-creator/  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #1)

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Precisely How to Burn M4V to DVD Disc?

Since more and more buddies of mine using Applp's products, they start to suffer from such kinds of problems: Precisely how can I convert M4V to DVD on my personal pc? I have lots of M4V files on my iTunes library as well as desire to convert them to DVD disc for backup so that I can appreciate M4V files on Digital video disc players and on TV. So how can I convert M4V to DVD? In fact, to convert the protected M4V movies to DVD disc, you need to firstly get rid of DRM protection which is often used to encode TV episodes, movies and also music videos on iTunes store by Apple. To efficiently get rid of DRM from M4V files, the easiest way is to make use of Leawo video converter. Once having completely got rid of DRM protection, you'll effortlessly to burn M4V to DVD file. The underneath guides show you the particular step-by-step way on how to convert M4V to DVD utilizing Digital video disc Creator. Step 1: Place M4V movies to this particular M4V to DVD Creator When installing this particular converter in your notebook, you can add M4V movies to the application by way of pressing Add Video button. Other features are given just like downloading online movies for converting, rearranging file order. Step 2: Customize output DVD movies effects In this step, you can choose several features to improve movie effects, and also these kinds of functions are outlined in the Edit panel which include trim, crop, effect and watermark. Step 3: Opt for and also design menu templates for output files You can select one of the DVD menu templates themes including Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature etc. Other sorts of settings, which are actually all outlined Menu Designer panel once clicking Design Menu button, are available for your special needs. Furthermore, template preview can be seen on the right side of principal menu. Step 4: Fix output details for M4V to DVD creation A few settings are designed for outputting DVD movies in Burning Settings panel. You can choose to burn movies to ISO File or DVD Folder, add your individual volume label and also choose destination folder for preserving output file. TV standards are for option according to your region. Step 5: Burn M4V file to Digital video disc As soon as all the above settings are carried out, you can insert a writable blank DVD disc and also basically press the Burn Now button to burn M4V to DVD disc. Conversion time will depend on your movie size. In the event that you are an Apple fan who is addicted to buy and also download video clips on Apple Store, this particular M4V to DVD Creator can helps you lots while experiencing problems in burning Digital video disc files. Hope you can seriously enjoy the pleasure of converting all sorts of video clips to Digital video disc format. Source http://www.leawo.c om/dvd/m4v-to-dvd. html M4V to DVD Converter http://www.leawo.c om/dvd-creator/  (Jun 19, 2012 | post #1)


I want to download music from my ipod to my hp laptop bu...

The best way is use itunes.  (Feb 12, 2012 | post #4)