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Aug 1, 2013

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Hollywood, FL

Peggy Deveny wants to smell like a rose now?

What is this... I don't even....  (Aug 1, 2013 | post #3)

Hollywood, FL

Ku Klux Klan calling cards dropped off at Davie restaurant

What's wrong with Haitians migrating to south Florida? I've never met a Haitian that I didn't like. They're a hard working, god fearing, family oriented culture. Most white people I know could take a few pages out of most Haitians book and be better for it! I know this is a discussion about Davie but please pull your head out of the 1960s echo chamber. Like the other poster said. The south will never rise again. You'll die a feeble old racsist, alone in your hate. While your grand daughters bare mixed offspring. That's life chief. =o  (Aug 1, 2013 | post #1588)