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Dec 2, 2011

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Tarrant County, TX

Mother denied direct contact with son in 12-year-old cust...

Parental Alienation Hurts Everlastingly Here is a book to use in therapy with a child to rekindle memories, go to http://www.blurb.c om/books/3039713  (Mar 9, 2012 | post #16)

Joseph Stalin

Narcissistic Dictator, his Daughter, and the Narcissistic...

Amy Baker The third finding Baker (2006) found was that parental alienation did not occur within some of the families embroiled in post-divorce litigation. Some people may not have the money to pursue continued legal action. Some may, instead of initiating revenge through the court system, exact it through PA. Generally, people who use the court system as a way to manipulate and intimidate their exes after divorce are often found to be alienators. When someone goes out of their way to hurt someone over and over and cannot find relief through the court system, they will try to get back at their ex by alienating their child, the ultimate revenge. Couples who are “at each others’ throats” after the divorce proceedings are indicative of one or both of the parents having a hard time letting go (and also an indication of narcissism in one or both parents because of the inability to self-differentiate after the marriage was over. Self-differentiati on occurs after a break-up when a person learns to move on from the role of spouse to one of co-parent when relating to their ex).  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #1)

Tarrant County, TX

Bar Association Calls For Investigation Into Judge's E-Mail

READ TO THE END FOR THE SURPRISE TO THIS STORY… Judge Bebee used Attorney Steve King as her personal lawyer in her own divorces and then heard/hears cases involving King’s clients. Bebee blatantly may have disregarded the conviction of a child pedophile father as well as his convictions on multiple drug charges and allowed him custody of his daughter…..but in the Huff vs. Huff case that went on for over 12 years, Bebee and Catterton let Todd Huff harass his estranged wife for years until the woman lost it….oh…yes…Beebe took a 17-month-old away from a mother with a degree in Elementary Education (ages 0-3) from Baylor University to give the child to his father who Steve King represented…the father got the boy every week-end and for 24 hours on Wednesdays, then Beebe and Catterton made the mom pay for a car went she had no income and the judges didn’t even give the mother enough child support to put the child in day-care so that she could get a job. Additionally, the father did not have to give the stay-at-home mother any funds to pay for her lawyer. After proving that the father was lying about his income and not following the return times, nothing was done…and you can imagine other horrors, but to mention a few…Huff had the mother followed by an agency as well as by family members….bore false witness…sued other member of her family, etc…...Then toward the end of the 12-year-case after being presented with clear evidence, by psychologist Dr. Marta Otera that the child was being alienated against the poor mother, Bebee and Catterton took the child completely away from his mother…even though the mother had done nothing wrong in last 6 years…( oh yes, she did use a few drugs after 4 years of the 12-year-case, and was not functioning because of the continued harassment and abuse by the husband and the courts for short a while, even broke the law)….….But, this mother, who was probably one of the best mothers by modern standards, was married with a three-year-old, who she stayed at home with, at the time they took her oldest son away….now focus on the fact that Steve King did the same thing to Debbie Huff in the John D. Huff vs. Debra Huff case….why not? has been working in the both of the Huff brothers have complete and isolated control of the three boys….can you buy this?….Debbie is an LVN…. one can’t be an LVN without satisfying state standards…bad people are not LVNs….Debbie’s boys adored her, too…until parental alienation was applied….. What is wrong with this picture is …..the Judges don’t follow the family code….they many times don’t look at the evidence and most often rule in favor of their friend… the lawyer…..Wake up Tarrant County…..the law is not justice and not many officials care about the child/children….do n’t even get me started on the attorney ad litem who did nothing to help the child in the Todd Huff case. Read more about the Huff vs. Huff case at /27/2499134/mother -denied-direct-con tact-with.html If a child can have both parents….why deny them?  (Dec 2, 2011 | post #11)