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Jul 30, 2009

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Groups calls for relocation of queer Utahns

Unbelievable. I am speechless.  (Mar 8, 2010 | post #20)


Ogden LDS Temple to get major makeover

I agree 100% I said the exact same thing when I heard this on the news. Once again, it is all about appearances...  (Feb 18, 2010 | post #2)


Utah polygamous church names new president

Well, at least they arent saying that this was prophetised or whatever the correct word is. Now there is someone new that can marry of little girls to old men; thank heaven, I thought they all might scatter with good ol mr jeffs in the big house  (Feb 15, 2010 | post #1)


Utah Episcopalians Search For New Bishop in LDS State

What on earth is going on with this thread? Who are you people? What are you talking about? Did this conversation come over from some OTHER thread???  (Feb 8, 2010 | post #21)


Which state is most religious? Hint: It's not Utah

Ranked on people who do more than just attend church on Sundays. That's why. The mormons go to church every sunday before going to WalMart to do their shopping. Going to church every Sunday does not make you religious. All about appearances in Utah. The bishops cheat on thier wives with non mormon women; the seminary teachers cheat on their wives with their teenage students; the kids play with their psp's during services when they are not passing notes or doing each others hair; the unhappy murder their wives; the lawyers steal from their clients. All while proudly holding their precious temple reccomends in their wallets or in your face...BUT...Heaven help you if you are not a member. Or if you smoke, or drink and don't hide it. They sin in the closet and think it's ok so long as no one sees. That is not religious.  (Jan 3, 2010 | post #1)


Police still looking for missing Utah mom

I think he killed her. Plain and simple. He should fess up and let her family give her a proper farewell so they can move forward. The snow will melt and they will find what remains of her. How very sad that this man did not just find a good attorney and get a divorce like most normal people do when they are in an unhappy marriage. Now these poor boys are without a mother, parents without a child and siblings without their sister. What a shame.  (Jan 3, 2010 | post #5)


1. One-third of Utahns unsure if Pres. ...

Is this the same one third that would not let their children listen to the speech in school? There are a LOT of people in this state who truly havent a clue. The husbands do what the church tell them to do...the wives do what the husbands tell them to do and the children are kept in the dark otherwise they might develop little minds of their own and we can't have THAT happening!  (Sep 13, 2009 | post #5)


West Wire: Utah struggles to combat dull image

The only problem with the new people moving here...they are moving all of the things they should be leaving behind==with them==. People leave the big cities to come here and then they build their cookie cutter stucco houses...they tear down the big trees so that they can plant little bushes on a stick in their front yard if their HOA allows them lot lines are replacing 1 acre parcels. Those types of things are a pain in the butt. Some people like the peace and quiet :-)  (Aug 22, 2009 | post #48)


Anyone here from Kanab? Need help.

Hi there Sandy! Well, just so long as you know that it is not the four seasons HOTEL you should be fine. It is a motor lodge, not bad for a motor lodge. Kanab is a pretty nice place and the drive through the mountains is lovely. It is not seedy...I have seen it. Never STAYED there, but I have seen it. I hope you enjoy your stay, this is a great time of year up there!  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #3)


Utah newspaper refuses to run same-sex wedding notice

4EVR, couldnt have said it better myself :-) I do not use those words either; Mainly because I was brought up that when words like that ARE used, it is most likely because the person using them is uneducated and cannot express themselves in a more polite and acceptable manner. I do understand that sometimes they are used in a joking manner or as slang terms but in every day conversation, those are only a few of the words out there that I chose not to use. On another note, it is nice to have a discussion with a poster who is able to express themselves in a non confrontational manner. It restores my faith in people when I chat with posters who do not speak out of their arse! :)  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #34)


Utah newspaper refuses to run same-sex wedding notice

4ever married, I can understand that you think (and probably others do also) that the words you mentioned are hateful but from the other side of the coin, the "N" word is perfectly acceptable if used by a black person, and I have heard many homosexuals call eachother "Queen" and "Fag" so to me, I would say that those words are not considered offensive by all...only when they are used by someone who is not "covered " by them. If a word is hateful, it is hateful no matter who uses it. Forgive my wording, I am having a difficult time putting my thoughts into words (out of character for me). :-) The ignorant are offensive in every way, but perhaps I just have a thicker skin. Not being homosexual, I cannot state with certainty how if would feel if someone refered to me as "Fag" or "Queer". People are offended every day, thats life. Have a great day!  (Aug 17, 2009 | post #32)


Utah newspaper refuses to run same-sex wedding notice

I cannot believe that anyone is SURPRISED by this. This is UTAH....HELLO....T his is how they run the place. I have said it before in other amazes me to no end how a religion who cries about how they were persecuted everywhere and came to Utah to escape the people who were trying to kill them and stop them from spreading their beliefs...then when others come to "their" state, they are right on the front lines persecuting everyone who doesnt agree with them. I love Utah, just not their politics. I do think that things have changed in many areas since more and more non lds people have come here though, I will say that. On another note, I love the sticks and twigs comments, they crack me up. Why is everyone so LITERAL in here? Have you not EVER used a slang term in your life? Sheesh, lighten up on the cigarette term...we are not in Europe.  (Aug 14, 2009 | post #22)


Goodbye Albertsons - The Park Record

Actually, Dave, I am a happy-go-lucky lady! I just happen to enjoy a pleasant trip to the market. Is something wrong with that? Gosh, lighten up :-) And you are welcome on my lawn anytime....just don't let your dog poop on it! haha  (Aug 3, 2009 | post #15)


Pioneer Day bothers some, but holiday not un-American

I always thought that a Gentile was someone who was not a Jew. Oh well, that's what I get for reading The Bible I guess. Oh, wait, there was an addition to The Bible that I have forgotten about...THAT book must be the one that added to the definition. Sorry for being so flip, it just amazes me that that particular word was used. I have been descriminated against because I was a non-mormon, so I guess that is where it comes from. I find that a little ironic....a religion who brings up so often their persecution, but seem to forget how it must have felt as THEY are the ones now treating the non members of their church as non believers and pagans. Yeah, Pagan or Heathen is used as definition #2 in the dictionary when you look up the word "gentile "...non mormon is #3...  (Aug 1, 2009 | post #6)


Utah dead last in per-pupil spending a " again

This is sad...but true. I have a hard time paying the fees associated with public education for my children. Fees for this, fees for that...where to the tax dollars go? Where has the money from taxes gone that was made during the real estate boom that Utah experienced? All of those houses built...Taxed. All of the cars registerd...Taxed. All of the people working...Taxed. It is not just Utah that I think has a hard time explaining this, every city in every state is crying poverty but they all made millions during the boom. Makes you wonder...  (Jul 30, 2009 | post #1)

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