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Aug 19, 2012

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Norton, VA

faye collins

Yeah Faye can be a bitch but thats only to people who deserve it. I happen to be a close friend to that family as well as Scooter & his wife Christy. So what if he has a record? So do most people in Wise County. Get off your high horse & mind your own damn business! They also happen to be excellent parents & I can assure you they take very good care of their girls. Also Faye just lost her husband, James, so have some respect. She may be a bitch but she is also one of the nicest & strongest women I know. As for talking about her son, Scooter, don't judge people unless you know them & I have known him for many many years. I consider Scoot & Christy our best friends & unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, you have no idea what their lives are like. They also have custody of both of their girls & learned from their mistakes. Self righteous people like you all really piss me off. You need to worry about your own families & kids before you start on somebody else's. Get a damn life!  (Aug 19, 2012 | post #20)

Norton, VA

Any straight guys from Hiltop and Josephine who have been...

That is just sick. I live on Hilltop & I am not ignorant to what goes on up on the hill but broadcasting things like that is what gives us all that live there a bad name. We're not all pill heads & needle junkies up here. Most of us are decent, hard working people.  (Aug 19, 2012 | post #10)