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Feb 15, 2013

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Inflation is hitting hard the wallets of not only the poor, but also the middle class. At the same time businesses are also cutting down significantly on travel. Families and business travelers looking for cheaper options in hotels sometimes end up disappointed because they don’t find good hotels where their money goes farther, but are they looking at the right places?[br][/br] [b]Get More for less![/b][br][/br] Most people are familiar with the phrase location, location, location for real estate, and same is true for hotels. Hotels located in the heart of the business district and very close to railway stations, airports are usually higher in price, but they aren’t always the best value. Hotels 5-10 minutes drive away are usually cheaper and provide better services & value to attract customers.[br][/br ][b]Food, Fun & Shopping etc.[/b][br][/br]H otels that have on-site restaurant do not allow outside food and have high margins on their room service food options. Consider hotels that do have an on-site restaurant but allow outside food or have several restaurants in close proximity, ideally within walking distance.[br][/br] Use Google Maps to figure out all the places you plan to visit and transportation options. Consult with the hotel staff when you check in and make sure they understand your needs. If you plan to do a lot of shopping they can recommend you local businesses and may have already negotiated discounts with several of them for their customers.[br][/br ][b]Facilities[b][ br][/br]Don’t forget the basics of any hotel, i.e. cleanliness and sleep atmosphere. Most important of all make sure you visit the hotel website and check out their pictures, interact with the staff either through Facebook or Skype. If you are business traveler or need to stay connected during your trip it is better to pick a hotel that provides complimentary Wi-Fi inside the rooms.[br][/br][b] Harness the crowd[/b][br][/br] Every customer has different experience because we all have different expectations. Therefore use the review sites & forums as a guide to meeting your goals. Reviews comments such as “Value for money”, “Good Pleasant experience”, “Comfortable stay”, should be the sign that the hotel is a good budget hotel. Additionally check the hotel website of what they claim and if they have other user comments/reviews that are showcased on their website.[br][/br][ b]We all love deals[/b][br][/br] Early Bird discounts are always best if you know your travel dates well in advance. Some people prefer to book last minute especially at the travel portals but that may not be best strategy if you are planning to travel during the peak travel season. Hotels are very much in a very competitive industry and during the off peak season hotels will negotiate with you on pricing. If you choose a deal at the travel portal, understand that the travel portals are not always best value. It may be lower price but you may also be getting lesser services. You can get better value for money if you book online directly on the hotel’s website.[br][/br][ b]About Hotel Geetanjali:[/b][br ][/br]Serving travelers since 1982, we pride ourselves in providing the most wallet friendly experience to the city of pearls. Whether you are in Hyderabad for a business meeting or for a vacation with your family, we ensure the most traveler friendly, and relaxing environment to all our guests.[br][/br]Ou r staff has several years of experience in the industry and has worked at the top hotels in the Hyderabad city like the ITC Kakatiya Sheraton and Hotel Green Park. Although, we have been part of the hotel industry for a long time, our philosophy all along has been that we are in the experience industry, making sure our customers have the right experience.[br][/b r]For more information visit: [url=http://www.Ho] http://www.HotelGe[/url]  (Feb 16, 2013 | post #1)